Draining the swamp and preparing to fight Obama right down to presidential elections in 2012 starts with one thing: Your Tuesday night vote

Draining the Swamp Starts on Tuesday

By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Free World awaits the outcome of November 2, USA midterms.

When We the People are taking stock of the fallen Dems the day after Election, we know where the two community activists currently renting the White House will be: They will have already cut and run to Mumbai, India.

Licking their wounds, surrounded by sycophants among some 570 rooms of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, fits hand in glove in the rule-by-spite cornerstone of the Obama Regime.

They will lob stones at the American electorate from far away as coward despots are wont to do.

Yet it is in the removal of the hype from reality that a clear picture of where President Barack Obama really is, shows itself. Obama is spiraling ever downward and has been for some time. Not even tyrants escape Father Time. All Obama really has to do to notice the passing of time is to look in the mirror at the grey threads in his own hair.

Hype, Obama style, contends his greying hair comes from hard work. In truth, it comes from Father Time.

We’re at the half way mark in the Life & Times of the most anti-American president ever elected. What has the 44th President of the USA accomplished in all that time? Loathing, job loss, home loss and food stamps. But after the one thousand and one slaps in the face to little people everywhere delivered from abroad, America is still standing.

Activists Barack and Michelle may act as though they don’t care about being relieved of Dem support courtesy of midterms, but it’s all part of their `Disappear Act’.

Even buoyed up by sheer power as they are, they must realize that all the despots throughout history have come and have gone. It is the common people and the times that get to write history and never jumped up, highhanded street activists like Barack and Michelle.

The Washington Czar, Czarina and ‘60s Hippy Czars shepherding America toward death by socialism aren’t even close to original. Evil men and women before them have been trying for the better part of a century to take America down.

This time they came forward on the world stage with a big break for all observers of freedom. That’s because this time they crawled out of the dark and into the light. Their boldness now finds them skipping down the aisles of our mainstream churches.

And just as the Big Apple will someday be rid of bedbugs, stink bugs and head lice, America will some day soon put the czars back where they belong: in the past.

One little thing worth noting by the battle worn; It was really the desperation of a century-long failure that drove the latest crop of would-be America destroyers out into the full light of day.

Truth is that the ongoing battle of Good versus Evil has been playing out long before Obama reached the Oval Office.

We’ve been to the brink and back in other dark chapters of human history.

Indeed, we’ve not only been there before, but we’ve been there before many times.

Draining the swamp from all manner of reptiles takes only focus. And swamp draining time starts this Tuesday.

To breathe new life into a sputtering candle, all it takes is just one breath.

Distractions are aplenty and it’s sometimes difficult to see through the fog in all the White Noise.

“They’re stealing the election