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    Drill Gate: Obama Enacts De-Facto Ban on New Offshore Energy

    The Obama Administration, would be hard pressed to move any slower than they already have, never mind what the American people want

    Drill Gate: Obama Administration Ignores American People, Enacts De-Facto Ban on New Offshore Energy

    By Institute for Energy Research
    Monday, February 15, 2010

    One of the most disappointing aspects of the Obama Administration’s domestic policy has been the way it has dealt with domestic energy production – in particular new offshore energy production.

    It took oil prices reaching $147 a barrel for President Bush to tear up the moratorium on offshore energy production, but at least when he did, he quickly moved forward with the regulatory process to give Americans access to these energy sources—and the jobs this development would create. The Obama Administration, on the other hand, would be hard pressed to move any slower than they already have, never mind what the American people want.

    It has recently come to light, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by American Solutions, that there may be more here than meets the eye. More on that in a second; first, a bit of history on what led up to what is now called “drill gate.
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    Drill Baby Drill. Drill Baby Drill. Drill Baby Drill. Drill Baby Drill.

    All that's being accomplished by not drilling is sending our money out of the country, creating trade deficits, denying our own people high-paying skilled good jobs, and forcing our citizens to pay higher fuel and energy prices than they would otherwise. Enforce the EPA regulations. Protect our waters, protect our soils, protect our wildlife, in accordance with those regulations.

    But do not deny our economy and our citizens the investment, jobs, incomes, work, independence, lower prices and the increased national independence of a robust domestic-produced oil supply.

    The Clear Choices are:

    1. stop illegal immigration
    2. pass the FairTax
    3. protect our trade
    4. legalize/regulate/tax under 2 the illegal drug trade
    5. drill baby drill

    Obama, Bush took care of 5. Now, you're in the way. It's time for you to get out of the way. Now, do your job and move this forward, time is of the essence.
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