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    Ebola Pandemic Hits Germany, Turkey, And Australia As Infected Spanish Nurse Went Un-

    Ebola Pandemic Hits Germany, Turkey, And Australia As Infected Spanish Nurse Went Un-Quarantined For A Week

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/09/2014 09:12 -0400

    Despite the still confident exclamations from officials that the Ebola pandemic is 'contained', more and more nations are admitting to Ebola-symptomatic cases or bringing infected patients back from Africa for treatment. Australia has its first potential case of the deadly disease, as Bloomberg reports a nurse who returned from volunteering in Africa has developed Ebola-like symptoms. Despite claims that Nigeria's outbreak is over, a Turkish worker there has been hospitalized in Istanbul after signs of high fever and diarrhea. Health officials from Germany confirm a 3rd Ebola patient has arrived in the country - having contracted the disease in Liberia. And finally, just as in the sad case of Thomas Duncan in Dallas, The Guardian reports the infected Spanish nurse went untreated and unquarantined for a week despite reporting symptoms at least three times to hospital officials. It seems the world is ill-prepared for this...
    Bloomberg reports, a nurse who treated Ebola patients with the Red Cross in Sierra Leone was hospitalized in Australia after developing a low-grade fever, health officials said. She is being tested for the deadly virus.

    The 57-year-old volunteer recently returned to Cairns, in the northeastern state of Queensland, where she has been isolating herself and checking her temperature twice daily, Jeannette Young, the state’s chief health officer, said in an e-mailed statement. Today, she reported a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius (99.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Results of tests for Ebola and other possible infections are expected early tomorrow.

    The nurse hospitalized in Cairns was identified as Sue-Ellen Kovack by the Australian newspaper. Kovack returned home two days ago, the newspaper reported.
    A Turkish worker employed in Nigeria was rushed to an Istanbul hospital Oct. 8 on suspicion of Ebola, according to Hurriyet Daily, after showing signs of a high fever and diarrhea.

    The 46-year-old man, whose identity has not been disclosed, returned to Turkey 10 days ago from Africa to see his family in the western province of Sakarya during the Feast of the Sacrifice holiday.

    The incident is the second case of a suspected Ebola patient in Turkey, after a Nigerian woman who transited through Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport while traveling from Lagos to Barcelona was rushed to hospital in mid-August.
    Health officials from the German state of Saxony confirmed on Thursday that an Ebola patient had arrived in the country, according to DW,

    The man, who originates from Sudan, contracted the virus in Liberia, they said, adding that he had been transported from the airport to the St. Georg Clinic in the city of Leipzig, which is located roughly 200 kilometers (125 miles) southeast of Berlin.

    St. Georg's Clinic is one of seven health facilities in Germany with the capability to treating highly infectious patients in isolation.

    Two other Ebola patients have also been flown to the Central European country in recent weeks. A World Health Organization (WHO) employee had fallen ill with the hemorrhagic fever in Sierre Leone was brought to Hamburg, where doctors were able to stabilize him and eventually release him last week.
    And finally, with regard the infected Spanish nurse in Madrid (as The Guardian explains), had told health authorities at least three times that she had a fever before she was placed in quarantine.

    Her first contact with health authorities was on 30 September when she complained of a slight fever and fatigue. Romero Ramos called a specialised service dedicated to occupational risk at the Carlos III hospital where she worked and had treated an Ebola patient, said Antonio Alemany from the regional government of Madrid. But as the nurse’s fever had not reached 38.6C, she was advised to visit her local clinic where she was reportedly prescribed paracetamol.

    Days later, according to El País newspaper, Romero Ramos called the hospital again to complain about her fever. No action was taken.

    On Monday, she called the Carlos III hospital again, this time saying she felt terrible. Rather than transport her to the hospital that had treated the two missionaries who had been repatriated with Ebola, Romero Ramos was instructed to call emergency services and head to the hospital closest to her home. She was transported to the Alcorcón hospital by paramedics who were not wearing protective gear, El País reported.

    On arrival at the hospital, Romero Ramos warned staff that she feared she had contracted Ebola. Despite the warning, she remained in a bed in the emergency room while she waited for her test results. She was separated from other patients only by curtains, hospital staff said on Tuesday.
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    As of yesterday...

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    But apart from that... "contained"
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    Libs Claim Using the Term “Obola” is Racist

    Term labeled "xenophobic banner to rally around"

    by Paul Joseph Watson | October 9, 2014
    Liberal journalists are now claiming that Americans who use the term #Obola are racist and xenophobic, continuing the trend whereby any criticism of President Obama is hastily characterized as a racial slur.In an article for the Verge entitled Ebola panic is getting pretty racist, feminist journalist Arielle Duhaime-Ross blames Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Savage for popularizing the hashtag #Obola as a “racist xenophobic….banner to rally around,” despite the fact that the meme patently represents a witty encapsulation of what many see as the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the failure to block flights from West Africa in the name of political correctness.Duhaime-Ross argues that “white privilege….is floating to the surface” in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak, a theme mimicked by Rev. Jesse Jackson who this week blamed “white privilege” for Ebola victim Thomas Duncan not getting the treatment he needed.
    Vox’s Dylan Matthews also accuses Dinesh D’Souza of taking on a “conspiratorial, hyperbolic tone” after the conservative activist asked his Twitter followers, “Which is worse: EBOLA, the disease; or OBOLA, the dream from his father?”
    Meanwhile, ties together a grand Ebola conspiracy, alleging that the right is forging a “plan to sweep the midterms” by fanning the flames of racist fears over Ebola, ISIS and the porous southern border. The fact that it was National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera who earlier this week sounded the alarm over hundreds of illegal aliens from Ebola hot zones like Liberia crossing the border is not mentioned in the piece.
    The attempt to diffuse any criticism of Obama by playing the race card is by no means a new phenomenon, and has been utilized innumerable times over the years to demonize opposing voices.

    The situation bears some resemblance to a previous controversy when some denounced posters depicting Obama as the Joker out of Batman as racist despite the fact that an almost identical image was used to lampoon George W. Bush, in addition to the author of the Obama Joker posters being a politically independent Muslim-American.
    MSNBC host Carlos Watson went further, wondering aloud whether the word “socialist” was “becoming a code word, whether or not socialist is becoming the new n-word for some angry upset birthers and others.”
    Duhaime-Ross and her ilk will presumably be nonplussed by a new line of Infowars t-shirts which feature the Obama campaign logo embedded inside the word ‘Ebola’.

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