Exclusive: November 22, 2010 - Comments (4)

Election Glitches Expose a System Riddled with Fraud

By: Floyd Brown

Fraud, illegal voters and ballot box stuffing were widespread this election. Voting irregularities are no longer cloistered in the shadow of big city political machines. When the TV commercials go silent and the campaign rallies end, Americans participate in what they believe to be a fair contest of candidates, but serious problems in voting systems make it unlikely that we can still trust the counts.

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Floyd learned this in Technicolor when he traveled to Alaska to assist Tea Party candidate for Senate, Joe Miller. We feel confident in asserting that the election in Alaska was stolen by a corrupt Republican establishment bent on maintaining the status quo. Lisa Murkowski, the pork producing Republican incumbent, is the darling of this machine.

First, under the direction of corrupt Republican Lt Governor Craig Campbell, the vote counters in Juneau ignored Alaska's write-in statute, which requires the name to be spelled correctly. This statute states that there will be "no exceptions" and all provisions are "mandatory.‚Ä