Election was stolen using “Automated Test Decks” of pre-filled Biden ballot stacks that were fed into Dominion machines multiple times after Election Day

Friday, December 11, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) In the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election, Democrats were determined to remove Trump from office by any means necessary. Their biggest obstacle was their own cognitively-deficient, low-energy candidate. Their candidate was a career politician, a mumbling, kneeling punching bag. The Democrats knew they would never have the full support of the American people. Their candidate could hardly speak or even draw a crowd. This is why Democrats planned one of the most brazen acts of war against the US – rigging the election.

Now we’re finding out exactly how the Democrats were able to erase Donald Trump’s large lead across multiple swing states. The election was stolen for Biden using “Automated Test Decks” of pre-filled Biden ballot stacks that were fed into Dominion voting machines multiple times after election day.
Democrat operatives used Dominion’s “Test Decks” to run multiple, pre-filled Biden ballots after election day

At approximately 10:30 pm on election night, Georgia’s election officials did something completely unprecedented: They stopped the vote count and told poll watchers to go home early. Overnight, these corrupt Democrats fed automated test decks into Dominion voting machines. The act was caught on tape at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia where the ballot count was taking place. Over eighteen thousand fraudulent votes were pushed through the tabulators after everyone (election observers and the press) was forced to leave. This improbable Biden ballot dump, observed in Fulton County, corresponds with this smoking gun video evidence that shows Democrats pushing fraudulent ballots through the Dominion machines in the middle of the night. The video shows how the 12:18am Biden ballot dump handed Democrats an improbable 98 percent vote haul out of 23,487 votes!
This evidence also corresponds to eye-witness testimony (recorded in sworn affidavits) testifying that there were thousands of “pristine sheets” fed into the system after hours. These crisp ballots had “no creases” and a “bubble selection perfectly made” out for Biden in advance.
This fraudulent ballot stuffing is made possible thanks to Dominion voting systems. One of the first red flags of election fraud was that Biden over-performed by five percent on Dominion machines, compared to all other voting machines used in the 2020 election. Dominion was deployed for every single county in Georgia for the 2020 election, despite warnings about their potential for fraud. Now we know why Biden over-performed with Dominion.
In Dominion’s user manual, there are instructions that openly permit fraud. Dominion allows a feature called “automated test decks” that are not currently part of U.S. EAC certification. These test decks can be generated automatically for a specific candidate “using the EMS Test Deck application.” This feature allowed Democrats to print thousands of pre-filled ballots on demand. These pre-filled test decks were easily brought into existence and their origin concealed by using the names and addresses of unknowing, non-participating Democrat voters. A signature match and forensic audit would find that thousands of Biden votes were actually pre-filled test decks with no envelope or signature to match.
Dominion’s user manual states:
The Automated Test Deck Generator creates comprehensive test decks for efficient and easy logic and accuracy testing. Using the election project database, a deck of vote marked ballots is randomly generated to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned these automated test deck ballots create known outcomes that can be compared with the tabulated results, providing verification of both the quality of the printed ballots as well as the complete accuracy of each tabulator.
Using these machines, a Democrat operative can then “generate test ballots (test decks), either manually from unmarked ballots or automatically using the EMS Test Deck application with a predetermined voting pattern and expected result totals.”
Number of fraudulent ballots found in Georgia is enough to swing election ten times over

In Georgia:

  • At least 2,056 felons voted illegally.
  • There were 66,248 kids under eighteen who voted illegally.
  • There were 2,423 who voted with no voter registration at all.
  • There were 1,043 voters who illegally used a PO Box.
  • 4,926 voted past the registration date.
  • 10,315 dead voters participated.
  • Election officials also identified 395 people who voted in two states.
  • A stunning 15,700 votes were from people who had moved out of the state.
  • An additional 40,279 votes were from people who changed counties in Georgia and didn’t re-register to vote.

If these votes are rightfully removed, then Biden cannot claim a victory in Georgia (because his so-called margin of victory is only 12,670 votes). The state legislature must take account of these fraudulent votes and the corrupt Democrat schemes that defrauded Trump’s victory in the state. The state legislator must now ignore the fraudulent popular vote and send their own slate of Electors to the Electoral College.
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