Elon Musk says VENTILATORS destroyed patients’ lungs, NOT COVID-19

11/15/2023 // Zoey Sky // 1.8K Views

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In an episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, host Joe Rogan told billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk at least 80 percent of the patients with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that got put on ventilators died.
Musk agreed, saying that he talked to doctors in Wuhan about it himself.
According to Musk, he called doctors in Wuhan and asked them about the biggest mistakes that they made during the first wave of COVID-19. They told him that they "put far too many people on intubated ventilators."
Musk then posted on X to tell people that the capital of China's Hubei province "made a big mistake in putting people on intubated ventilators for an extended period. And that this is actually what is damaging the lungs, not COVID. It’s the treatment. The cure is worse than the disease."
After his post went live, people told him that he wasn't qualified to talk about the matter because he wasn't a doctor. Musk then quipped that while he's not a health expert, he develops advanced "spaceships with life support systems."
On June 7, Dr. Joseph Mercola also posted on X about "The COVID hospital death trap."
Mercola said weeks after the pandemic outbreak, it had become obvious that the standard practice of putting COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation did more harm than good: It was a death sentence.
According to data, 76.4 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 18 to 65 in New York City who were placed on ventilators died. Among the patients over age 65 who were ventilated, the mortality rate was 97.2 percent.
The recommendation to place COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation as a first-line response came from the World Health Organization (WHO), which reportedly based its guidance on experiences and recommendations from doctors in China.

However, keeping patients ventilated wasn’t recommended because it increased survival, but because it helped protect healthcare workers by isolating the virus inside the vent machine.
According to data, at least 10,000 patients died with COVID-19 in NYC hospitals after being put on ventilators in spring 2020.
Other metropolitan areas also observed significant spikes in deaths among younger people who were at low risk of dying from COVID-19. Data suggests that many of these deaths could have been the result of being placed on mechanical ventilation.
Earlier this year, attorney Tom Renz testified before the Pennsylvania State Senate that no one informed patients that they could be at risk after being put on a ventilator. He added that families also didn't know about the risks of using ventilators on COVID-19 patients.
Renz added that he had data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that revealed how, in several Texas hospitals, at least 90 percent of patients put on ventilators died.
The attorney also criticized experts who wouldn't let patients try ivermectin but were willing to put them on a ventilator despite the 90 percent fatality rate. He added that it was impossible that health experts didn't notice the danger of letting patients be put in ventilators, especially if nine out of ten patients were dying.
Renz said more doctors should have asked if there was a better way, and that they should have let patients try ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine if they had a nine out of ten chance of dying.
With the facts laid out like this, it's hard to deny that hospitals killed many patients with coronavirus and that the more they killed, the more money they made. (Related: PLANDEMIC: Study reveals ventilator-acquired pneumonia killed millions – not COVID-19 as governments around the world claimed.)
COVID-19 patients are "prisoners"

Stella Paul, a medical writer who has been investigating "deadly" hospital protocols during the pandemic and the financial incentives behind them, also talked about how many COVID-19 patients "became prisoners."
Michael Hamilton, a lawyer who was representing bereaved families, told Paul a story about a friend of his who was a nurse.
The nurse had been working for 26 years in the hospital where she was then hospitalized. She told staff that she didn't want to be put on a ventilator, but her doctor screamed at her that she was "refusing medical advice."
The doctor also insisted that the nurse was "going to die and the insurance company won't pay your hospital bills." She eventually gave her consent to protect her family.
Hamilton said this was a frequent tactic, with doctors telling patients that if they disobeyed medical advice, insurance wouldn't pay and their families would go bankrupt.
He added that this wasn't consent, with patients forbidden from leaving the hospital. If you were in the hospital, you essentially became a prisoner.
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) also said that when patients entered the hospital, "they lost all their rights" and became prisoners.
Many families became desperate to get their loved ones out of the hospital. Some of them would call 911 to report a medical murder, but even if the police showed up, they would do nothing.
Hospitals denied patients their right to say, "I want to get out of here and go home. I want to get out of here and go to another hospital where they treat me the way I want to be treated."
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