EPA scientist and whistleblower Dr. David Lewis interviewed by Mike Adams: Train wrecks, dioxins, biosludge and the EPA’s pollution protection racket

Thursday, March 09, 2023 by: Mike Adams
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(Natural News) Former EPA scientist and whistleblower Dr. David Lewis joined me for an interview about how the EPA is really a pollution protection racket for industry.
The EPA destroyed Dr. Lewis’s career and shuttered his lab after he raised warnings about EPA-approved “biosludge” pollution of soils with human sewage waste. I interviewed Dr. Lewis as the key scientist in the film Biosludged, which you can watch for free at Biosludged.com or you can see it on Brighteon.com at this link.

In today’s interview, Dr. Lewis warns that the EPA is a pollution racket for industry, carrying out selective, distorted “science” in order to protect the profits of corporations at the expense of human lives and the environment on which we depend.
Dr. Lewis also has something to say about the Biden administration and how they showed zero interest in working with him on cleaning up the nation’s soils. The Carter administration, on the other hand, showed great interest and actually took some action on this front, Dr. Lewis reveals in the interview.
Watch the full interview below:
– Learn how the EPA covers up toxic pollution to protect industry profits
– Dr. Lewis reveals that the element Yttrium is a marker for biosludge

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EPA scientist and whistleblower Dr. David Lewis interviewed by Mike Adams: Train wrecks, dioxins, biosludge and the EPA’s pollution protection racket – NaturalNews.com