Caution - if you are offended by strong language don't watch the video. She says everything that I have been thinking though.......

Woman’s EPIC Rant to Ferguson Protesters Should the the Last Word on Michael Brown

by Top Right News
on December 12, 2014 in

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News


A new video that deserves go viral is now making the rounds. It was uploaded to YouTube by a woman who goes by the name “Honestly Speaking.” And she does exactly that — speaking truth to the madness of Ferguson protesters and the lies they spew, and which racial rabble rousers like Sharpton and Obama have given currency, to divide Americans.

It is an epic rant that should (but probably won’t) be the final word on Ferguson, Missouri.

Predictably, some commenters on her YouTube account attack her using the same tired “Uncle Tom,” “traitor to your race” diatribes, but I won’t dignify those by reprinting them here.

I would rather include what some like-minded Black commenters had to say, as those are the voices that need to be heard, to tell Obama to stop dividing us by race.

User Marquendra commented:
“Beautiful. Just beautiful! There aren’t many people that like the truth. Those that tell it get shunned and harassed. Don’t worry about these idiots that want to be dumb ****s and support the fact that him being killed was the only crime committed. The ignorance of people now days is so mind boggling. I am also black and do not support ANY crimes. There is no reason for them to be done and race shouldn’t be a issue on why it was done. All these victims out here and yet people hype this situations up more than it should be.”

Another Black reader posted:
“You deserve a damn gold medal, or at least a nice home cooked dinner comprised of your favorite food. Thank you for being a rational and insightful human being. People need toSTOP SUPPORTING CRIMINALS!!! Had be been an innocent man, who was not breaking the law on multiple accounts, I can see where the outrage comes from. But the fact is, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he had to suffer the consequences, as we all do.SLOW CLAP“

Outstanding. When will the media stop promoting racial hucksters lime Sharpton, and start showing the Blacks who stand for the rule of law?