EU official brags about using law enforcement to target “conspiracy theories” online

01/29/2024 // Ethan Huff // 730 Views

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The world's top globalists are once again converged in Davos this week where V?ra Jourová, vice president of the European Commission, talked about things like deploying law enforcement to deal with "conspiracy theories" and "hate speech" online, all while claiming she is a champion of "freedom of speech."
Her European Union (EU) position supposedly centering around "values and transparency," Jourová discussed the newfound prospect of "pre-bunking" information that the globalists consider to be disinformation – pre-bunking being a term for online warnings that inform users what and what not to believe before they encounter certain information.
Also known as "inoculation," pre-bunking is fast becoming the solution for online "misinformation," which threatens globalists like Jourová whose jobs depend on the masses being fooled into believing globalist conspiracy theories put forth as "facts."
At the WEF gathering, a moderator cited the globalist body's own "global risk report," which this year states that "disinformation is actually the top risk which people cited for the next couple of years." Jourová was asked to comment on the report, to which she launched into a diatribe about disinformation being a "security threat."
According to Jourová, the EU's approach to dealing with so-called disinformation is to strengthen "strong professional media," as well as "work with (online) platforms," i.e., "fact-checking," to censor information that globalists like herself do not want people to see when surfing the net.
"We have all the big tech under the commitment of the Code of Practice against this information," she stated in front of the panel and audience.
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Jourová wants to lower "absorption capacity" of disinformation online

When it comes to pre-bunking, Jourová says it is necessary to force the raising of awareness about disinformation while at the same time "lowering the absorption capacity in the society to believe the lies."
Normally when globalists like Jourová talk about lowering absorption, they mean precisely that: lowering the amount of disinformation, so-called, that people absorb online. In the way Jourová spoke about it, though, she referred to lowering the capacity for absorption, which takes pre-bunking a step further.
Pre-bunking, by the way, is usually used to mean a preemptive measure to discredit a certain account or source, as well as the information that account or source is providing, before users even get the chance to see it. Jourová wants more measures imposed that stop people from ever even encountering disinformation in the first place.
Jourová also told the room full of WEF attendees that she and other globalists in the EU are taking care of "hate speech and disinformation" with their own censorship measures while simultaneously claiming to be a champion of free speech.
"Jourová, who is Czech, referred to 'living half her life in an authoritarian regime' (a reference to the Cold War)," notes Reclaim the Net. "Judging by the policies she is promoting, she is sadly determined to spend the rest of it the same way."
Jourová also stated at the gathering that the European Commission she helps lead is "on the edge" concerning its management structure, which she hopes to change.
"There is already an organization into executive vice-presidents, vice-presidents, ordinary commissioners," she said during a panel debate early in the week. "This division of portfolios overlaps somewhere, and we have had to learn to work with that."
"I would say we are on the edge of what is doable managerially."
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