This European Union PDF brochuer list the goals of the EU.
Notice how many times they list massive immigration as a phenomina, then in the same paragraph admitt that this is they're agenda.

So which is?
Is it a phenomina that just happened out of thin air?
Or did the massive immigration happen by design?
Was it orchastrated by the global politicians?
It seems the politicians from all the industrialized countries are thinking the same way, going through the same things we are here in the US and the politicians are telling the people the same crap, which is, all this is good for people and at the same time it just so happens its going on all over the world. Could this be shear coinsidence?

On the contrary my dear Watson, How probabal is it that Immigrants from all over the world just all the sudden decide to migrate to the industrialized countries, even though most times it is against the law with stiff penalties?

Was it just a brain fart that hit the immigrants? Did they all the sudden think, hmmm, this is the new world of globalism, lets move 2,000 miles away, I'm sure they'll let us in.

And all the sudden the leaders in all the effected countries just happen to stop enforcing the immigration laws at the same time as well?

I search and find this stuff. Usually in main stream news and magazine sites. They always have a front page story of no significance and then on page 18 in little small type they have articles like this. This is a plan people!

This illegal immigration is not an accident, its the traitor Bushes fault as well as others. This has been planned to bankrupt people, this is about taking our country and our wealth plain and simple and along with that goes our freedom of speech and our freedom of course. You are broke you are held hostage to the slavemasters. When you loose it all your brian doesn't work right, you can't focus on a job, school or the kids, you need money right now! While your totally broke and in hell mode you might have your children confiscated because all the sudden you don't have safe and suitable accomadations for your children. But yet your supposed to suck it up as you and your spouses jobs are gobbled up by illegals. This forces you to take the same exact job at another company but the pay is less. Your steamed because you cannot pay your bills on your new job which pays 25% less. As we know you don't help people by having an illegal take the jobs of Americans for lower pay. It doesn't build friendships or achieve comrodery. It doesn't bring a sense of pride to the work place. It doesn't help because either way you go, for that one job that American had, there are now two workers. The illegal gets your job and an American is out of a job. Is this Harminazation the globalist speak of? Gee, what a great program?

It is just shear and utter foolishness to believe this fiasco commited against hundreds of millions of law abiding hard working people wasn't planned. This country and a few dozen others have been hijacked by traitors and world criminals.

We hear competetion drives the world and at the same time the Power Nations all the sudden are happy to share it all with the rest of the world? Give me a break! Then on the National TV News we hear how the same countries are at eachothers throats about this and that. The MSM constanlty wants turmoil by pitting countries against one another to try and make people think our politicians are American Patriots working in the interest of The American People when this is the furtherest thing from the truth. Behind our backs they are selling us out right now, 90% are working for the global crooks and as long as their families are taken care of, screw everyone else! PLEASE!

There is only one winning side in this deal, the ultra rich and the groveling butt kissers. Yes, there will be a few poor people make a little better life for themselves at the expense of the middleclasses all over the world. In their doom, the rich get even richer and deepen their anchor into the bedrock of our everyday life.

This is not freedom. This is not equality, this is not prosperity. This is Facsist, communist and marxist ways. After only 10 years of this, the young people 27 and under have eaten it hook line and sinker, the new generation, the generation of Zombieism. The grads are too young to know how life is supposed to be lived. Lets face it with the invent of the internet, porn, Ipods, Portable DVD players and video games, they have been tuned into that garbage and not the protocol of the real world. They've tuned out mom and dad, or mom, or dad if they have 1 parent. That 1 parent probably works alot and stopped having alot of parent-child time together by the time they were 12 or 14. The only thing they heard was that loony, lefty school teacher and then it was off to college to hear the wacko professor or some other junk. Taking a class on the meaning of life is different than living life, so, they don't know, never did. They didn't forget it because they never knew it. And now we have a generation being taught this globalization, global warming and global governence junk. In 10 short years, we are going to see such wacked out ideas that will blow our minds. I guess the Global elites will soon be preaching elderly extermination, its just right, end their suffering, stop wasting valuable resources on unproductive people, just kill them!
Looks like we're headed back to Hitler. What a great world aye?

We see it, we read it and yet some people still refuse to believe whats coming. The sheep are truely blind or don't give a darn. Maybe this great nation will have to fall into ruins before a comeback is made, if it isn't too late by then! ... gue-en.pdf