EV COLLAPSE: Automakers are scaling back and delaying their EV plans as consumer demand wanes

03/19/2024 // Laura Harris // 420 Views

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The enthusiasm surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) that once swept through the automotive industry is now tapering off as consumer demand misaligns with the industry's lofty ambitions.For years, automakers had been riding high on optimistic sales projections and ambitious targets for EV growth. From legacy giants like Ford Motor Company and General Motors to luxury marques such as Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar Land Rover and even tech-forward newcomers like Tesla, the focus has been squarely on electrification as the future of mobility.
Initially, auto companies that make EVs like Tesla, Ford, GM and Volkswagen had ambitious plans to revolutionize transportation by ramping up production and sales of electric models. They sought to compete with traditional gas-powered vehicles by offering a diverse range of EVs.
These companies envisioned a future where electric vehicles would dominate the market, with Tesla leading the charge in innovation, Ford and GM transitioning towards offering only EVs by 2035 and Volkswagen investing heavily in the EV market.
But because of the sudden waning consumer demand, automakers are now scaling back and delaying their ambitious EV plans. (Related: Automaker bigwigs admit EV sales are in jeopardy.)
Ford, for instance, is ramping up production of hybrid models, knowing that its main consumers are not yet ready to fully embrace EVs. Similarly, GM, once a frontrunner in committing to an all-electric future, is now planning to introduce more plug-in hybrids alongside traditional gas-powered cars and EVs.
Even Tesla, the poster child of the EV movement, is adjusting its growth expectations, with CEO Elon Musk conceding that it is experiencing a slowdown in its rate of expansion.
These automakers are now considering consumer preferences, regulatory landscapes and infrastructure readiness while acknowledging the slower-than-expected adoption of EVs.
"What we saw in ’21 and ’22 was a temporary market spike where the demand for EVs really took off. It’s still growing but not nearly at the rate we thought it might have in ’21, ’22," said Marin Gjaja, chief operating officer for Ford’s EV unit, in an interview.
Consumer demand falls because buyers are now aware of the consequences of purchasing an EV

According to Sam Fiorani, Vice President of Global Vehicle Forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, many factors are driving the waning consumer demand for EV adoption.
From the point of view of an average consumer, Fiorani cited factors such as limited range per charge, insufficient charging infrastructure, and the substantial price premium associated with EV ownership. Moreover, the manipulative and exaggerated advertisement of EV capabilities in the market fails to match the expectations of their buyers.
For instance, EV advertisements fail to explain that during the winter season, drivers need to cut the range of the distance an EV can travel on one charge in half. Heavy-duty tasks like towing and loading also affect the initial capacity of EVs and the frequent recharges required.
As a result of the false advertising, the initial surge in demand for EVs, largely driven by early adopters, has subsided after consumers realized the harsh economic lesson. Some EV owners even described their experience as a "scam" and warned potential buyers to thoroughly research and consider the limitations of EV technology before making a purchase.
Watch this clip from Newsmax as Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) talks about how President Joe Biden's push for electric vehicles is unrealistic.

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