Clintonville booms finally recorded


CLINTONVILLE - The city of Clintonville now has audio proof of the mysterious booms that have been plaguing the small city in
County for more than two weeks.

The boom was captured by Brian Sullivan, a Madison Area Technical College student, who city administrator Lisa Kuss tells FOX 11 has been working off and on with the city to record the booms since they started.

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Kuss says Sullivan recorded the boom on March 24 at 3:59 a.m. outside the city's utility building.

University of Wisconsin-Green Gay geoscience professor Steve Dutch says the recording is interesting and continues to add to the mystery of the booms.

"It sounds like it is coming from a shallow part of the earth," said Dutch.

Kuss says there haven't been many calls to the city since seismometers and other recording devices were installed in the city Thursday.

She says she believes that it's not that the noises have stopped, but that people aren't reporting them - especially ones that are quieter than louder ones.

"We still need people to call us when they hear the noises," said Kuss. "Since Friday, the USGS can view data from the newly installed monitors. But they cannot watch the data all day. That's why it's important that when people do call us to remember the exact time they heard the boom."

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Clintonville booms finally recorded

As if the Clintonville Booms (ha! sounds like a high school
football team) weren't enough, a hundred miles south of
Clintonville, in Watertown, exploding kitchen floor tiles ripped
through a school cafeteria.

It was described as being reminiscent of the horror movie
'Tremors', in which nasty creatures tunnel rapidly underground.

The school was closed for one day and reopened, but once again
there is no explanation for the event.

However, back in Clintonville, one of the mysterious booms has
finally been recorded. The city of Clintonville has release the

Check it out...


Out There Exploding kitchen tiles in school cafeteria, Watertown, Wis.

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