Facebook Signed Your Life Over Itís Pretty Much The RFID Chip But Itís Not In Your Skin (Must See Video)

Friday, December 5, 2014 20:23


Lets compare Facebook & http://seen.is/ Lets talk about Facebook and examine it then compare it to http://seen.is/

Did you hear that officer say he canít believe how you gave away your life like that, then went on saying how excited and well informed he is being handed all your data! They should of did this years ago! Well you sold your soul.

I was asked to do this article about leaving facebook but you canít leave Facebook they control whoever makes account and know you more and more by each post you place. Once you post something they have it theres no way to remove it, they know where you live, what you eat, when you did something, who you are with, they know more about you than you could ever imagine and youíre the ones who are broadcasting it out. Anyone can get your information, they can find you in minutes, stalking you, watching you, and finally sleeping with you whether you like it or not! Thats what you have done when you post every single thing you do or like or whatever! Lets say you are going through your day minding your own business and a pediphile, someone who wantís revenge fromhigh school or from a job you did something to, or maybe someone who is out for a playtime or anything else are watching you on facebook they will know ahead of time what you do at all hours of the day in great detail, donít you remember posting what you did at 9oclock or perhaps you told everyone earlier what you will be doing and they are just watching you from outside and on facebook watching for that chance and look at that you posted itís bathroom time and then quietly sneak in grab a towel because you either posted a comment where they go or made a lil clip about it and they know where your bathroom is too because you already told them this also they know every inch every foot of your house they pay close attention to you on facebook and examine you from outside and today is when they are going to take your kids and have they way with them and then leave them dead on your front lawn or in your orchard or perhaps they are going after you they your children so they come to the bathroom where you are and just walk in because you didnít lock any door because youíre fine right then they come in and youíre whether you are a parent to a teen and they get to have playtime with you!

Am I being mean? No I am being completely honest and you have practically sold your soul without even knowing it! Facebook is a RFID CHIP practially that doesnít go in to your skin but knows everything about you and more!

You can leave http://seen.is/ when ever you want and to and y0ur info will be lost forever!

Letís see what the comparison is between http://seen.is/ and Facebook

http://seen.is/ Has No search crawlers: They block those critters because once they crawl a page, whatever you posted is theirs forever. We think you should be able to delete things if you make a mistake.Crawlers is a Web search engines and some other sites use Web crawling or spidering software to update their web content or indexes of others sitesí web content. Web crawlers can copy all the pages they visit for later processing by a search engine that indexes the downloaded pages so that users can search them much more quickly. So your private information wonít be passed around to your neighbors or people that want revenge on you, your information will be secure and you can delete it permanently. No one will be coming after you to have playtime and playtime is not good! All your data will be unpublished the CIA wonít be knocking at your door when you spoke out they will be at your neighbors door because they are on Facebook!

http://seen.is/ Will not sell your data to other people in fact they wont even have it, you get notifications allowing you to see you have messages but thatís it! Itís hosted in Iceland and selling data isnít allowed there.

http://seen.is/ You can share what you want and be protected, you wonít be banned for a certain time or at all for posting unidentified or copyrighted material because of Fair Use! Hereís a short clip showing you what Fair Use is!

http://seen.is/ does not require a ID Verification

http://seen.is/ Has no limit to how many friends are allowed it never ends

http://seen.is/ Will be realeasing in the near furture private and secure chatrooms

So what do you think do you think do you want to keep giving you information out or do you want to start be smart and safe so no one will be knocking on your door or snooping around your house waiting for the right time! This is clear evidence what we should do but i cannot make the choice for you itís your body your will what do you choose?
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