Farsam Shadab warns about the rise of TECHNOCRACY in eye-opening interview with Mike Adams

03/04/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 450 Views

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Farsam Shadab, the creator of HoloSpace, has warned of the emergence of technocracy during a live interview with the Health Ranger Mike Adams.
Adams mentioned that humanity is already on the verge of singularity, the so-called artificial general intelligence (AGI). He expressed belief that most of society has no idea what has already happened and predicted that civilization is going to change dramatically in the next several years.
Shadab agreed, adding that technological trends have effectively been technocracy in disguise. This slow creep of government structures in people's lives is also evident in the form of private and consumer-grade technology. According to the founder of Enaxion, InterEnactive and Integral Commons, these current technologies are also simultaneously listening to one another.
Moreover, Shadab noted that people are now carrying devices that are spying on them everywhere they go. He added that younger people nowadays are born into a culture that has normalized surveillance.
According the cognitive science researcher, people in the mid-1990s were moving toward the democratization of technology with their cyberpunk view of the future. But if the people from that era saw a snapshot of the current year, they would be terrified.
Shadab also told the Health Ranger that people already have tools that distract and amuse them – in the form of devices such as smartphones and tablets. Adams agreed, stressing that this "distraction" is one of the key weapons being used against humanity. These devices, he added, feeding all of the people's information voluntarily through search queries, browsing histories and more. (Related: AI takeover is INEVITABLE: Experts warn artificial intelligence will become powerful enough to control human minds, behaviors.)

Despite this, the HoloSpace creator pointed out that people in the present technological age can flip the script and start to change this trend for greater independence.
Tech giants want to CONTROL and MONOPOLIZE AI space

According to Adams, the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses large language models is a critical pivot point for freedom and human civilization. But several Big Tech companies want the whole pie, or at least a huge slice of it.
"The [tech] giants – Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta and what have you – want to control the AI space. They want a monopoly of it," said the founder of Natural News and Brighteon.com.
"They don't want people to have open-source options, but I think they are going to lose. I think that the democratization or decentralization of AI technology is already unstoppable."
Shadab agreed with Adams on this matter, noting that Big Tech is concerned about capturing the AI space. He added that these tech giants have captured every corner of the internet since the advent of the latter. The HoloSpace creator warned that AI tools will soon take away the last vestiges of people's freedom.
The Health Ranger ultimately stressed that every technology, including augmented reality (AR) technology, can be used to enslave or liberate people. But Adams also believes that AR technology can help humans in some ways when used properly.
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Watch the full conversation between Farsam Shadab and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.
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Farsam Shadab warns about the rise of TECHNOCRACY in eye-opening interview with Mike Adams – NaturalNews.com