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    FDA: Only Mexican-grown jalapenos linked to salmonella

    July 25, 2008, 3:21PM
    FDA: Only Mexican-grown jalapenos linked to salmonella

    WASHINGTON — The government is narrowing its warning to hot pepper lovers, saying only Mexican-grown jalapenos now are linked to the nationwide salmonella outbreak — clearing the U.S. crop.

    Food and Drug Administration inspectors are on a large Mexican farm that grew a pepper discovered in a Texas warehouse that was tainted with the same strain of the bacteria. They're trying to determine where that farm distributed its peppers, to see if it harvested enough to be responsible for an outbreak that has sickened nearly 1,300 people and counting.

    Tomatoes were an initial suspect and health officials still haven't exonerated them from causing illnesses when the outbreak first began in April. But those on the market now are safe to eat.
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    Dirty unsanitary hygiene and practices are the cultural doings in Mexico. Poor to non existant sanitary sewer systems and waste water processing plants are the norm. I could have saved the FDA a lot of time, money and embarrassment on this case. The perp was obviously Mexico from the get go.
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    I do not buy any foods NOT grown or produced within the United States, I only support the country I live in. I suggest this course of action for anybody that likes fresh fruits and veggies. Every dollar sent to other countries tears down the US economy.

    You might also not be affected by the incompetence from these clowns from the the Bush administration, that allow open borders and trading.

    (also I wash all fresh produce with antibacterial soap before it hits the fridge)

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