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Thread: Fed-up lawmakers want stiff penalties for 'Knockout Game'

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    Fed-up lawmakers want stiff penalties for 'Knockout Game'


    Fed-up lawmakers want stiff penalties for 'Knockout Game'

    'These thugs are nothing but punks and cowards'

    Published: 3 days ago

    The “Knockout Game” attacks that have made headlines across the nation over the last few weeks are being targeted by public protests and downplayed by the media.
    But there’s a group that appears focused on going right to the core of the problem – the criminals themselves.

    According to a report at the Afro blog, Dean Kaufert, Republican lawmaker in Wisconsin, wants faster prosecution and stiffer penalties for such offenses.
    “This is not a child’s prank, this is a serious crime where innocent victims are assaulted, injured and in some instances even killed, and it should be treated that way,” he said.
    “We want to send any potential perpetrator of this senseless violence the message that if they do this in Wisconsin they will face serious criminal consequences, not a slap on the wrist.”
    In the Knockout Game, an assailant sneaks up on an unsuspecting victim and slugs him or her as hard as he can, usually in the head. The goal is to knock the victim out with a blow, or keep hitting until the victim goes down.
    Many recent cases have been documented by local TV news broadcasts posted on YouTube and in Colin Flaherty’s book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”
    Most of the attacks have been black-on-white, part of a larger trend of black-on-white violence that also is documented in the book.
    Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”
    The blog also reported Hugh T. Farley, a state senator in New York, is leading a drive to crack down. His “Knockout Game Deterrent Act,” sponsored with Assemblyman Ted Tedisco, could give anyone convicted of the crime more than 20 years in prison.
    He said the Knockout Game “thugs are nothing but punks and cowards, and if they think they’re some kind of ‘big shot’ for punching an unsuspecting elderly person or a mom then they should face ‘big man’ laws and do hard time.”
    CBS in New York City reported Brooklyn residents rallied against the violence this week, with Leticia Smith of the Brown Memorial Baptist Church saying, “We are stressed out, but we refuse to be knocked out in our community.”
    CNN, meanwhile, questioned whether the trend exists.
    “CNN asks today whether these are just random attacks getting outsized media attention ro a real trend – or whether the outsized media attention is creating the tread, as NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly warns,” said a report at Hot
    The report notes the attacks themselves “are real enough, and so are the deaths and injuries.”
    “Four people have been killed in similar assaults, which have nothing in common except the modus operandi. Even Al Sharpton was moved this weekend to condemn the ‘Knockout Game,’ telling a Harlem audience, ‘We would not be silent if it was the other way around.’”
    On CNN, former boxer Mike Tyson said the violence made no sense.
    “I just don’t know, maybe they’re just evil. There’s just some evil people,” he said.
    Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”
    See a trailer for “White Girl Bleed a Lot”:

    video at link below


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    Exposing racist violence in America

    Exclusive: Joseph Farah applauds 'journalist-hero' for defying conventional wisdom

    Published: 21 hours ago

    Journalist Colin Flaherty recognized the trend long before anyone else in America – before the corporate media, before me, before Matt Drudge.
    He began tracking a noticeable and undeniable upswing in black-on-non-black racist violence – either in mob form or via what has become known as “the knockout game,” in which perpetrators took at least one unprovoked punch at an unsuspecting and innocent victim.

    Two years ago, Flaherty’s work got my attention. He had self-published a remarkable book called “White Girl Bleed A Lot” about this phenomenon. WND enlisted Flaherty to chronicle these attacks for publication and made arrangements to re-publish a vastly updated, bestselling edition of the book – one that would allow readers to see, with their own eyes, hundreds of attacks actually caught on video by perpetrators or bystanders. Both the book and e-book allow readers to see these attacks on video via QR codes that can be swiped by a smart phone or actual e-book hotlinks direct to YouTube clips.
    Others began to take notice of Flaherty’s work for WND.

    Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore
    Predictably, in this age of political correctness, many denounced simply reporting racist violence as inherently racist itself.
    Other more thoughtful people, like the brilliant academician and pundit Thomas Sowell, commended Flaherty and the effort to expose this ugly trend to the attention of the public, law enforcement and local, state and federal government officials. Sowell has devoted at least three columns to the disturbing movement as well as having provided a cover endorsement for “White Girl Bleed A Lot.”
    Because of this hard work, almost everyone knows about racially motivated black mob violence against non-blacks in cities and even suburbs across America.
    Some, like the New York Times and state-run NPR, however, are still in denial – labeling it essentially “no big deal.”
    Despite the recognition of the story by many other media outlets, precious few have credited either Flaherty or WND for the relentless, heavily criticized reporting that broke through the long news blackout that allowed this unprovoked racial violence to go virtually unnoticed for two years.
    Black mobs routinely terrorize cities across the country, but the media and government are silent. Read the detailed account of rampant racial crime in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”
    So allow me to say what almost no one else has been willing to say: Colin Flaherty is a journalist-hero for defying the conventional wisdom and braving the critics in with his insight and persistence. Behind him now for the last two years – and continuing until this phenomenon ends as a result of a public outcry of zero tolerance – is the WND team.
    By WND team, I don’t just mean the staff. I mean millions of WND visitors.
    As Colin Flaherty himself has written, he has been getting help from you – from readers of his reports. This is the way to ensure the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” crowd awakens from its convenient state of denial and stops rationalizing inexcusable acts of violence and terror.
    For heaven’s sake, when even Al Sharpton begins denouncing this stuff, you know that shining the light of day on evil is necessary to course correction.
    What’s next?
    We need law-enforcement officials from coast to coast to label what’s happening as a national social crisis.
    You might think the first black president would use his bully pulpit to denounce what’s happening, but I, for one, will not hold my breath. It’s unlikely his disgrace of an attorney general, Eric Holder, will ever acknowledge what’s happening on his watch, either.
    We also need victims to tell their stories. If you have been victimized by racial mob violence or the so-called “knock-out game,” you have an eager and willing advocate here at WND. Let us know the details of what you have experienced so we can continue to raise awareness of the way racist violence is rearing its ugly head in America, again.
    What’s the danger of not pursuing this epidemic of social pathology?
    The danger is obvious and even more frightening – the provocation of something resembling a race war.
    There’s only one way to prevent such a cycle of violence from getting started – to expose the truth of what’s happening, punish it to the full extent of the law and, thus, make it socially unacceptable to take part in it.


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