Filmmaker Claims CIA Kept Innocent Man Jailed to Cover Up Drug Trafficking

April 23, 2013

Source: Wired

“This is a story about an extreme miscarriage of justice. It involves the CIA, the US Army and a shitload of cocaine.”

In 1980 the courts alleged that Elaine Tyree’s murder was financially motivated — Tyree, stationed at Fort Devens, had taken out life insurance policies in the months preceding his wife’s death. An affidavit allegedly penned a few months later by Colonel Edward Cutolo — in command at Fort Devens — recounts a far more sinister motive. It details his, Tyree’s, and CIA and Army personnel’s involvement in and knowledge of Special Forces missions enabling the transportation of cocaine from Colombia to Panama’s Albrook Army Airfield to help in the funding of, among other things, Manuel Noriega’s apparent fight against communism. It also recounts details of surveillance at Tyree’s home that would have exonerated the private.