Flags Flown Upside Down In Florida Gun Control Protests

Iraq veteran leads “non-violent form of protest”

Steve Watson
Feb 11, 2013

Residents in West Palm Beach, Florida are flying US flags upside down outside their businesses and properties in protest of strict gun control proposals by the Obama administration.

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While some neighbours are complaining, those turning old glory on its head point out that its a tradition that indicates the nation is in a time of distress.

“One neighbor saw my flag. He yelled across the neighborhood like hey, why are you disgracing the flag like that?” resident Cory Seale told reporters for wptv.

“It is a verbal, non-violent form of protest,” said Seale, explaining that the protest is against the proposals to limit rounds in magazines, and other gun control measures highlighted in executive orders penned by the president.

“It’s instilling a taboo, that guns are taboo. And that alone is a huge problem,” said Seale, commenting on the move to further regulate firearms in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting in December.

Seale, an eight year veteran who served a tour in Iraq, addressed accusations that his actions are disrespectful toward the flag and other US soldiers who have died in battle.

“I can respect that they died for the flag right-side-up. Doing this is a symbol, a visual symbol to bring people over to me so I can try to explain to them how I feel,” said Seale.

He has received such backlash that he asked the media not to reveal his street, for fear of retaliatory attacks on his property.

He did win over other neighbours, however, who are also flying flags upside down in a show of solidarity.

“We care deeply about the future of the country, and we have solidarity with our fellow neighbors,” said resident David Dennis.

Seale, says that his flag will stay upside down until Obama leaves or is removed from office.

The US Flag Code Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10 states:

The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.


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