Food inflation hits 40% as CPI explodes; inflation reaches catastrophic 40-year high as Biden puts America on the path of Sri Lanka

Thursday, October 13, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Food inflation is exploding as much as 40% year over year (for fresh and dried vegetables) while today’s CPI number is deemed a catastrophe for the Biden administration and its disastrous economic failures. On Wednesday, the PPI (Producer Price Index) rose 0.4% for the month, twice the expected amount, and today’s CPI print reveals a shocking 8.2% year-over-year inflation rate, the highest in 40 years.
The highest price increases are being seen in food, airfare, natural gas, health insurance and public transportation. Butter is up 32.2% and eggs are up 30.5%. A Breitbart news story reveals more shocking numbers: (note the nearly 16% increase in vegetable prices in just one month…)
– Fresh and dried vegetables: up 15.7 percent for the month and 40.2 percent for the year.
– Grains: up 10.7 percent for the month and 30.4 percent for the year.
– Fresh eggs: up 16.7 percent for the month and 97.3 percent for the year.
– Bakery products: up 0.8 percent for the month and 14.0 percent for the year.
– Pasta: up 1.1 percent for the month and 34.1 percent for the year.
This is, of course, exactly what happens when a tyrannical, economically illiterate government wages war on food, farmers and fertilizer while engaging in insane levels of money printing that accelerate the collapse of the value of the dollar.
Understand that “inflation” isn’t even the right word for this. It should rightly be called central bank theft from the people, because that’s largely where this phenomenon comes from. Except, in this case, there are also fundamental food shortages at play which have been engineered into the system to cause scarcity and famine.
So we really have a combination of a central bank financial cartel looting everybody’s currency and a criminal, illegitimate government that’s actively destroying the energy infrastructure that’s necessary for fertilizer and farming.
The end result is, of course, entirely predictable: Widespread starvation and an eventual mass uprising across America as people can no longer afford to eat.
Perhaps that’s why White House Director of National Council Brian Deese just said that things are, “moving in the right direction.” Seriously, this is what he just

Tom Elliott
Oct 13, 2022


WH Chief Gaslighter
@BrianDeeseNEC on accelerating inflation: "We're making progress ... We just have to – we just have to stay at it. We have policies that are going to make a difference. We have policies that have already made a difference. We just have to stay the course"

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Tom Elliott

WH Deputy Gaslighter @econjared on accelerating inflation: Everything is "moving in the right direction"

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10:48 AM · Oct 13, 2022

Frankly, a better explanation would have been something along these lines:

il Donaldo Trumpo

Everything is fine...

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2:22 PM · Oct 12, 2022

The Biden regime’s excuses for trying to explain away disastrous inflation sound a lot like CNN reporters claiming, as police cars burn in the background, that BLM protests are “mostly peaceful.”
Sure, everything’s fine if you’re part of the political elite, receiving bribes and kickbacks from a corrupt, dictatorial regime that prints all the money it needs out of thin air. But if you’re a regular American who has to work to earn the money you use to buy groceries, surviving all this without going hungry is becoming increasingly difficult.
The food riots will begin in 2023, across both the United States and Europe. Thanks to Joe Biden, America is going to look more and more like Sri Lanka…
1 oz. silver coins are getting obliterated across all retailers and wholesalers

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Everybody who knows what’s happening in the world of precious metals knows that silver prices are heavily manipulated to create the appearance of a strong dollar (vs. metals). In reality, the dollar is losing value at record speed — as evidenced by the catastrophic inflation numbers reported today — but with gold and silver prices suffocated by dishonest paper trading, the powers that be can create the temporary appearance that metals aren’t rising compared to fiat currency.
This effort, however, can only be maintained temporarily. At some point, gold and silver prices leap skywards, achieving their real world value against a collapsing dollar currency. But until that day comes, people can buy physical gold and silver at ridiculous “discounts” due to the price manipulation. That’s why there’s almost no physical silver remaining in the marketplace (1 oz. coins), because at current prices, they represent the deal of a lifetime. According to many experts — including Robert Kiyosaki and John Perez — silver is currently discounted at least 80% – 90% off its real-world value. Since the price manipulation can’t continue forever, it’s a obvious that silver prices are heading into the stratosphere.
Gold and silver are immutable assets that will survive the collapse of western currencies, nations and central banks

After the British Sterling collapses, and the Euro collapses, and the Yen collapses, and the dollar is on its way out, gold and silver will be the immutable assets that hold value through the annihilation of fiat currencies and bankrupt nations. Whoever holds gold and silver can protect their assets from the wipeout, then they can use physical gold and silver to purchase large assets at deep discounts: Vehicles, businesses, factories, large tracts of land, airplanes, agricultural equipment and so on. (Disclaimer: Do your own research and work with your own financial advisor to determine what course of action is best for you. This article is not personalized financial advice.)
Get full details on all this and much more in today’s Situation Update podcast, which features me singing, “America the Beautiful” set against a Wal-Mart beat down filled with violence. (Oh yes, it’s twisted…)
In today’s podcast:
– Vegetable prices spike 40% in a year
– Other foods increase 20%, 30% as inflation goes INSANE
– Covid lockdown babies show cognitive decline
– French politician says Macron is NOT vaccinated, all a fraud
– Jury award in Alex Jones RIGGED trial is a travesty of justice
– US economy will lose 175,000 jobs A MONTH in 2023 and beyond
– Biden to DESTROY US industrial base by banning aluminum from Russia
– #Silver coins about to be completely WIPED OUT of all inventory
– Russia issues civil defense warning to prepare for radiological events
– Entire UK medical system on verge of collapse as doctors FLEE
– “Queerfest” Halloween drag event pushed on children, sponsored by gender surgery clinic
– Moderna claims new mRNA injection will REPAIR your damaged heart
– Interview with Paul Preston, founder of New California State movement


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Food inflation hits 40% as CPI explodes; inflation reaches catastrophic 40-year high as Biden puts America on the path of Sri Lanka –