Former DNC chair Brazile excoriates media’s treatment of Biden, claiming “nobody listens when he speaks”

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Donna Brazile, the former acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), castigated the media's treatment of President Joe Biden in an interview.The two-time DNC head vocally expressed her dissatisfaction in an interview on ABC's "This Week," during the program's Powerhouse Roundtable segment. The discussion centered on U.S. policy toward Israel and whether Biden needs to communicate more directly about events like the ongoing conflict in Gaza.
"Absolutely – not just in Israel [and] Ukraine. We are a superpower. He is the Commander-in-Chief. He should speak out more," said Brazile. "Also, we should cover what he's saying because often when he speaks, nobody listens."
The erstwhile DNC chairwoman isn't the only one with this sentiment about Biden needing to speak more in front of the media. In February, Democratic strategist Paul Begala argued that the incumbent president should spend more time in front of cameras and microphones even though he is prone to gaffes.
"I want to see more Biden – the gaffes are built in," he remarked during an appearance on the fake news purveyor CNN. However, Biden himself had frequently told crowds that he would get "in trouble" for answering unauthorized questions. According to the New York Post, the president has been heard on multiple occasions asking staffers for permission to "take a couple of questions" during campaign stops and public appearances. (Related: LOST IN TRANSLATION: Dementia sets in deeper as Dark Brandon asks permission to speak, even though he is supposedly the president.)
"Biden has kept a low media profile throughout his presidency, interacting with the press far less than many of his predecessors," the Post continued. "[He] has also participated in fewer sit-down interviews than the previous six [U.S.] presidents."
"His last Oval Office address to the nation was in October, when he called on Congress to pass over $100 billion in security and humanitarian assistance for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. It was only the second prime-time Oval Office address of his presidency."
Biden should go UNSCRIPTED

Meanwhile, the National Pulse stated that Brazile's complaints during her "This Week" appearance "come amidst ongoing complaints from the White House about the media’s reporting on Biden's age and cognitive decline. Washington reporters covering the Biden government have expressed increasing fatigue over what many are interpreting as unjustifiable criticism from the White House."
One reporter attested to this, noting that many journalists are growing tired of the "nagging and complaining" coming out of the administration. They told Fox News: "The White House and [Biden] campaign 'memos' to media criticizing our coverage are a joke to any serious reporter."
Fox News contributor Joe Concha responded to Brazile's remarks by suggesting that Biden's heavily scripted persona might contribute to the lack of attention he receives. He also raised concerns about the president's gaffes whenever he goes off-script, necessitating follow-up clarifications from Biden's communications team.
"When he does speak extemporaneously, it's sometimes or oftentimes awkward, confusing or patently dishonest," said Concha. "[Thus], his [communications] team needs to clean up."
To back up his point, Concha recounted the revelation by news anchor Sage Steele about her interview with Biden. According to the former ESPN host, network executives entirely scripted her interview with the president – with no review for deviation whatsoever.
"I was told, 'You will say every word that we write out. You will not deviate from the script and go," Steele shared with Fox News.
Concha ultimately remarked that the American people need to hear from Biden. Instead of sitting down with celebrities, he suggested that the chief executive do a live interview with an actual journalist or conduct a press conference lasting for up to an hour.
"We haven't seen anything like that this year, or many months going into 2023. So if his handlers want to hide him for this long – OK, I guess. But the American people want to hear from Joe Biden, the president, the man, and actually hear answers that come from his head and not a teleprompter," the Fox News contributor remarked, pessimistically arguing that such an endeavor is unlikely to happen before the November 2024 election.
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Former DNC chair Brazile excoriates media’s treatment of Biden, claiming “nobody listens when he speaks” –