Former president of regional LGBT pride organization in Canada charged with sex crimes against CHILDREN

02/22/2024 // Laura Harris // 1.7K Views

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The former president of an LGBT pride organization in British Columbia, Canada, has been arrested on multiple charges of sex crimes against children under the age of 16.
Dan McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the British Columbia Prosecution Service, announced charges against 39-year-old Sean Gravells, including touching a person under 16 for sexual purposes, sexual interference with a person under 16, possession of child pornography and importing or distributing child pornography.
Gravells, an outspoken LGBT activist, has served as the board president of the North Peace Pride Society (NPPS) in northern British Columbia since 2018, as indicated by a now-deleted biography on the website of the organization. Gravells had been involved in organizing "teen pride nights" at the public library of Fort St. John, where the NPPS gave sponsorship checks to fund youth events. But following the release of allegations, the NPPS is now claiming that Gravells was never directly involved with children, despite his role in sponsoring youth events.
The alleged offenses occurred in or near Fort St. John, 500 miles to the north of Vancouver, with the interference and exploitation charges related to incidents on Dec. 29, 2023, and the child pornography charges two days later.
In response to the charges, the NPPS released a statement on its official Facebook page account on Jan. 12, stating that the board had taken "swift action" to remove a member who was arrested on Dec. 31.
"On Dec. 31, 2023, one of our board members was arrested and is facing severe charges inconsistent with the North Peace Pride Society's mission and code of conduct. In response to the gravity of the charges, we have immediately removed this person from our board, emphasizing our commitment to our community's values," the organization said.
"Due to the sensitivity of the situation and privacy considerations, we delayed our statement. However, we took swift action, voting to remove this individual on January 3, 2024, and have advised our community partners regarding the next steps," the statement continued. "We want to clarify that the society itself is not implicated in any charges; these are isolated to the individual."
Moreover, the NPPS announced in the post that criminal record checks, previously a requirement only for volunteers and board members working with youth, will now be expanded to include all board members.
Prominent LGBT activists facing serious child abuse charges

This arrest follows a recent trend of prominent LGBT activists facing serious charges related to child abuse.
Just a week prior, Kendall Stephen, a well-known trans-identifying activist, was arrested in Philadelphia on charges of raping two boys. The trend extends beyond activists, with senior producers from ABC and CNN, as well as Slade Sohmer, a former CNN managing editor and co-manager of a kids' summer camp, facing child sex abuse charges and pornography. (Related: Former CNN producer sentenced to more than 19 YEARS behind bars for child sexual abuse.)
In 2023, a gay activist couple from Georgia, after adopting two boys, faced allegations of abuse and trafficking in a pedophile ring. Additionally, Oregon teacher and activist Kelsey Boren, who mentored an 11-year-old drag queen, was convicted on child pornography charges and sentenced to less than a year in prison for 11 felony counts of encouraging child sex abuse.
These incidents are causing growing concern among the public, leading to a reevaluation of the goal of the LGBT movement.
For decades, efforts were made to dispel assumptions that the gay community was inclined to target children. However, recent cases involving radical LGBT activists engaging with children are fueling suspicions that the end goal of the movement may not be the acceptance of diverse views but rather the grooming of the next generation.
The insistence on introducing trans and so-called "gender fluid" ideologies into schools and exposing young children to sexualized concepts and imagery is contributing to a perception that needs to be addressed within the community itself.
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