Former UK defense minister says NATO should be putting ground troops in Ukraine, which would literally start World War III

Thursday, February 02, 2023 by: JD Heyes
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(Natural News) A former British defense minister is actually recommending that European and American men and women be sent to the meat grinder of Ukraine, which would automatically trigger World War III and a nuclear holocaust that would kill hundreds of millions of people.
According to historians, the U.S. cited a concept known as the “domino effect” to justify both the Korean War and Vietnam, two conflicts that resulted in more than 110,000 dead American soldiers and three times as many wounded. The theory was that the U.S. had to stop the advance of the then-Communist Soviet Union, which was allegedly attempting to control or influence several countries along the periphery of U.S. allies to gain strategic advantages should war between the U.S. and the USSR break out.
In hindsight, of course, the theory was flawed, but now it appears as though former UK Defense Minister Sir Gerald Howarth is using it to justify NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine.




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3:49 AM · Jan 31, 2023

As noted by Zero Hedge:
It should be noted that a large percentage of the American populace and most of Europe have no interest whatsoever in engaging with Russia and possibly its allies in all out war, but the establishment appears intent on forcing the issue anyway. The delivery of NATO tanks and the possibility of longer range missiles will no doubt trigger a wider response from Russia, which will then be used by NATO as a reason to escalate further.
At the very least, Howarth does admit what many in the alternative media have been saying for some time – That Ukraine’s efforts have ground to a halt without further support from NATO troops. The deliveries of money and weapons are nothing more than a stop-gap; wars are won by men.
Especially in this case; the conflict in Ukraine has bogged down into trench warfare with a 21st century touch — the use of drones to both put enemy troops under surveillance and to attack them. Something like World War I meets the modern technological age.
A pre-Russia invasion poll taken in February 2022 days before Vladimir Putin ordered his forces forward “found that 42 percent of Americans surveyed said that the U.S. should send financial aid to Ukraine, compared to 24 percent who said it was a bad idea and 34 percent who said that they were unsure,” The Hill reported, citing a YouGov survey.
“Fifty-five percent of Americans said that they were against sending U.S. troops in to fight Russian soldiers in the event of an incursion in Ukraine. Only 13 percent of those surveyed thought it was a good idea,” the report added.
And let’s talk about any potential British contribution to this NATO army, should one be sent into Ukraine: Just last week, a senior U.S. military commander said British forces were in such bad shape they can’t even defend their own country, let alone amass the force to contribute to an invasion that would trigger a third world war.
The UK Independent reported:
The British army is no longer regarded as a top-level fighting force, a senior US general reportedly told defence secretary Ben Wallace amid fresh concerns over the UK’s military spending.
Senior Tory MP Tobias Ellwood, chair of the defence select committee, said the army was in “dire state” and called on Rishi Sunak’s government to reverse cuts to the army because we are at “war in Europe”.
That follows a warning by defense sources that military budget cuts have been so severe that they have led to substantial declines in British army combat power. “You haven’t got a tier one” military, the unnamed senior U.S. general said, adding, “it’s barely tier two.”
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Former UK defense minister says NATO should be putting ground troops in Ukraine, which would literally start World War III –