Free speech coming to an END in 2024, warns Paul Craig Roberts

02/22/2024 // Ethan Huff // 1.5K Views

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A somewhat subtle shift is taking place as the powers that be morph their constitutional role from protecting America's democratic republic to protecting the so-called "sanctity of democratic institutions," the latter of which involves silencing free speech.
Instead of representing We the People, government authorities and the puppet masters who pull their strings now claim to represent the so-called democratic institutions that underpin modern society. This shift means that democratic institutions are now to be protected at all costs, even from the U.S. Constitution that threatens their existence.
Paul Craig Roberts says the United States is being redefined in such a way as to eliminate the constitutional protections that has long made America unique Ė things like free speech and the right to bear arms being two of the biggest threats to the establishment's agenda for the nation and the world.
According to Roberts, democratic institutions, as defined by the establishment, do not include Congress and the representative government America's founding fathers envisioned, nor are they the rule of law coupled with an independent judiciary. No, they are the institutions of censorship that really started to make their presence known around the time Donald Trump was elected president, as well as in the lead-up to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "pandemic" and beyond.
"'Democratic institutions' are the institutions of the censorship industry, such as the military/security complex, State Department, NATO, CIA, FBI, IMF, World Bank, NGOs, the Atlantic Council, the Aspen Institute, the presstitutes, Black Rock, JP Morgan/Chase and other of the consensus-building institutions that set agendas and control the narratives," Roberts writes.
"To express disagreement with the consensus these elite institutions build is considered to be 'an attack on democracy.' In other words, 'democracy' is the property of the elite institutions, and the sanctity of these elite institutions must be protected from the people defined by Hillary Clinton as 'the Trump deplorables.' The will of the people is eliminated from the picture."
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No more voice, no more freedom

Many large-scale, multinational corporations are also involved in "protecting democracy" through censorship, as are leading academic institutions like Stanford University. Then there are the law schools, medical associations, governors and members of Congress that all contribute to stamping out free speech in their own ways.
Even right now, the State Department is busy conspiring to obstruct the House of Representatives from looking into the executive branch's, aka the Biden regime's, misuse of taxpayer funds to censor what Americans hear about COVID, the so-called "vaccine" unleashed through Operation Warp Speed, election fraud, the wars in Ukraine and Israel, and so much more.
Eventually, even the internet itself will be so strictly censored that users will no longer be able to express themselves through the keyboard, much like they are already censored in speaking with their mouth for fear of being "canceled" from their job or school.
Meanwhile, the southern and northern borders are wide open for invaders who continue to flood into the country illegally by the tens of thousands daily. It does not take a rocket scientist to see where the former "land of the free" is headed in terms of a society.
"Any information that you have saved that helps you to understand the tyranny that is engulfing us should be stored in thumb drives and not in the cloud as all information undermining of the 'consensus-building institutions' will be consigned to the memory hole," Roberts advises.
The First Amendment is a critical part of what made America special. Its elimination is turning the country into just another authoritarian regime. Find out more at a
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Free speech coming to an END in 2024, warns Paul Craig Roberts Ė