Fully jabbed Piers Morgan “catches COVID” AGAIN, blames the unvaccinated: “If I’d had another COVID, I wouldn’t have caught the d**n thing again”

12/17/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.7K Views

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British television personality Piers Morgan tested "positive" for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) the other day despite being "fully vaccinated" and proud of it.
Morgan told his followers on X (formerly Twitter) that he immediately got sick, naturally, with symptoms "as rough as a badger's arse." Morgan then blamed his condition not on his own stupidity, but on the "anti-vaccination" community that supposedly infected him.
Morgan got the initial double-dose series of one of the mRNA (modRNA) injections from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna. He then got a few "booster" shots, the last of which was injected into his body about two years ago.
The reason why Morgan ended up deciding to skip the most recent booster shot is because he "believed the anti-vax" experts. Morgan is basically saying he fell for anti-vaccination propaganda that brainwashed him into not getting boosted again, which he thinks caused him to get sick.
"Not making that mistake again!" Morgan yelled through his keyboard on social media.
(Related: Remember back in early 2013 when Piers Morgan got a flu shot from Dr. Oz, only to get sick not long after that?)
Piers Morgan will never stop getting sick with COVID

Fellow media personality Andrew Tate responded to Morgan's posts with mockery, to which Morgan shot back that he would not have gotten sick, in his opinion, had he not believed people who oppose vaccination.
"Thanks for your concern, Andrew," Morgan wrote. "Ironically, if I'd had another covid booster I wouldn't have caught the damn thing again and wouldn't be feeling so rough. That'll teach me for listening to ill-informed anti-vaxx imbeciles on the internet."
This is not the first time, by the way, that Morgan has gotten sick with COVID after having already gotten "vaccinated." In 2021, Morgan announced to the world that he was experiencing symptoms associated with so-called "long" COVID. His symptoms included fatigue and the loss of smell and taste.
Many studies have shown that not only are COVID injections ineffective for their stated purpose, they are also profoundly unsafe. COVID jabs are by and large the most dangerous "vaccine" injection that has ever been unleashed upon the world – and those who took it, including Morgan, now have a forever-damaged immune system that will succumb to coronavirus infection for the rest of their lives.
The Tate-Morgan social media battle continued throughout the weekend as the two personalities went back and forth about not only COVID jabs but also Alex Jones.
Tate wrote that Jones is "a f****** hero," to which Morgan responded with the following:
"A hero? For pouring more agony onto the torment of the poor Sandy Hook families, and exposing them to actual physical danger, with his disgusting deliberate lies? He's as far removed from heroic as it's possible to be."
To this, Tate responded with the following:
"Piers Morgan. When somebody says 99 things right and you only focus on the thing they got wrong. You are lying about that persons character by deliberate OMISSION. This is the tactic of females and fassymen. So pick which one you are."
Back in September 2018 when X was still called Twitter, Jones was banned from the platform for allegedly violating the platform's abusive behavior policy. Jones recently begged Elon Musk, the new owner of X, to reinstate his account. Musk then conducted a poll, to which 70 percent of respondents agreed that Jones' account should be reinstated.
"The people have spoken and so it shall be," Musk then said before flicking the switch to allow Jones back on X.
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Fully jabbed Piers Morgan “catches COVID” AGAIN, blames the unvaccinated: “If I’d had another COVID, I wouldn’t have caught the d**n thing again” – NaturalNews.com