Cops Invade Home for Unpaid Fine, 15 Days Overdue!

Published on Aug 8, 2013
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A video was posted online Wednesday of a Georgia family who was clearly terrified as the DeKalb County Sheriff's office shined lights and had weapons drawn at their home at 1:30 in the morning on July 26.

The mother, Natania Griffin, and her two sons, Donovan Hall and his brother Devon, both in their early 20′s, were at home at the time and narrated the video. Their little sister was sleeping upstairs.

The family called 911 as police pounded on their door.

Earlier, yours truly of the Examiner described the events that took place during the nineteen minute video, and posted the video itself.

It was clear that the family was frightened and believed the police were at the wrong address. When the mother finally opened the door, chaos ensued and the police were incredibly harsh with the family, calling them names and indicated extreme anger at them for not opening the door.

All three were handcuffed.

Not once did the police explain why they were there, nor did they produce a warrant.

After I published the story earlier, the local CBS news affiliate picked it up and gave a bit more insight:

The sheriff's department says the officer had a valid arrest warrant and they were at the right home.

They said despite the family's claim, the video shows no excessive force, but admits two of the officers did use inappropriate language.

The arrest warrant was for Natania Griffin. She was arrested for not paying a civil fine.

Is it standard practice for eight law enforcement officials to barge into a private home at 2:00 am without a warrant to collect a fine?

It turns out that the fine was for $1,000 and was 15 days past due. How much did it cost the county for eight police officers for two hours?