Who controls your food?

More and more countries are banning genetically modified crops; most of these crops used for food or feed for animals.

Control of the food supply is at stake, and there are far too many unanswered questions about the safety of GMOs.

This short video explains the core issues around GMOs.

On May 11, 2012, the Philippine Supreme Court
announced a decision against genetically engineered
Bt eggplant. This followed a 2010 ban on Bt eggplant
in India.

According to supporters of the ban, who helped bring
the case to court:

"The Supreme Court decision on Friday sets an
important precedent in that it establishes that GE,
and in particular GE Bt eggplant, violates the
constitutional rights of individuals to a healthy
environment. No other court in the world has
upheld such a stance against genetically engineered
organisms (GEOs)."

Why is this important?

What is at stake with genetically engineered crops?


GMOs (genetically modified food) Genetically modified crops

- Traci Styner
The Real Food Channel

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