Georgia recount: Biden “accidentally” given an extra 9,626 votes in DeKalb County

Thursday, December 17, 2020 by: Arsenio Toledo

(Natural News) A recount monitor in Georgia discovered that 9,626 votes had “accidentally” been counted for Biden, according to David Shafer, the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.
DeKalb County is the fourth largest county in Georgia by population. It is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and while it heavily leans Democratic it contains a not-insignificant Republican-voting minority. The recount monitor in question found that the margin between votes for Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was suspiciously high, even for a county that has voted for the Democratic nominee for the past eight elections. He immediately suspected that something was wrong.
“One of our monitors discovered a 9,626-vote error in the DeKalb County hand count. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump – an improbable margin, even by DeKalb standards. The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump,” wrote Shafer on Twitter.
“Had this counting error not been discovered, Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump’s gains from Fayette, Floyd and Walton.”
Shafer is referring to the counties of Walton, Floyd and Fayette, which discovered through the recount process that they had certified fewer votes than they actually counted. The uncounted votes, which were on memory cards that election workers forgot to count, heavily favored Trump. These votes cut Biden’s lead in the state by more than 1,400 votes.
According to Shafer and attorneys for the Georgia Republican Party, at least two official poll monitors have signed affidavits regarding the discovery of the error in DeKalb County’s ballots.
Shafer said there is a lot more work to be done in Georgia’s recount. They are having difficulties observing the proper process because they are limited to having only one poll monitor for every 10 ballot-counting tables, and this monitor has to keep his distance from the tables.
“There’s no telling what we missed under these unreasonable restrictions,” said Shafer. (Related: HUGE: Powerhouse attorney Lin Wood files suit to declare entire Georgia election in 2020 null and void.)
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Thousands more Trump votes found in at least four Georgia counties

Of Georgia’s 159 counties, 57 have reported no deviations from their original ballot count. Twenty-one said their count was off by one ballot and 32 said they were off by only a handful of ballots. While the results from these 110 counties are unlikely to affect the overall outcome of the recount, significant changes have been observed in the ongoing recounts in at least four Georgia counties: Floyd, Fayette, Douglas and Walton.
In Walton County, recount officials found a memory card that they accidentally forgot to scan. The card had 225 votes for Trump and 49 for Biden.
In Douglas County, recount workers found that there were more votes counted than there were in their reported total. Similar to Walton, they found that this was because of a memory card that had missing votes on it. The memory card came from one precinct, and it had 128 extra votes for Trump.
In Fayette County, recount workers again found a batch of votes that were counted but not uploaded into the county’s total. According to Gabriel Sterling, a member of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, there was a failure in the county’s reconciliation process, wherein the counties double-check their vote totals against how many ballots they received before certifying it.
During the recount, Fayette officials found that they had undercounted their actual votes. They did not certify 2,705 votes – 1,577 for Trump and 1,128 for Biden.
In Floyd County, the situation is much more serious. According to Sterling, one of the county’s early voting precincts had an issue with its scanner on Oct. 24. This prevented the precinct from submitting the votes it received on that day. They brought the ballots to the county seat of Rome where they were supposed to be scanned. Unfortunately, poll workers either forgot or deliberately ignored that batch of ballots until they were discovered by recount officials.
This previously uncounted batch included 2,508 ballots – 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden.
The recount is scheduled to conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 18. The state is then scheduled to vote on whether to certify the results on Nov. 20.
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