Has anyone noticed the increase of attacks on innocent non-violent civilians and independent news reporters for simply asking questions?
The borders are wide open, criminal illegals are allowed to roam our streets freely while American citizens are under siege. This is no joke. What is happening to America? We're not becoming a police state - WE ARE A POLICE STATE! God help us all.

Whether you agree or disagree with the kind of questions asked is irrelevant. This is a matter of our first amendment rights:

Oliver North's Security Attacks We Are Change of Kentucky

Youtube | May 19, 2008

Members of WeAreChange were physically removed from Louisville Exposition Center on Sunday after confronting Iran Contra figure Oliver North. Members questioned North on his involvement with Continuity of Government, the new 9/11 investigation and concentration camps in America.


From We Are Change.org:

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, a FOX News host, was confronted by a combination of activists from WeAreChange Ohio, and Kentuckiana Change. Cody Deeds stood up during a question and answer session and asked North to explain exactly what the Continuity of Government was, at which point North went into his involvement with REX 84 during the Reagan Administration. North explained that at the time it was a plan to continue government in the event of a Soviet attack. As a follow up question, Deeds asked a question “Given the knowledge of secondary devices in [World Trade Center] building 7, would you support a new investigation of 9/11.â€