Glenn Beck: America to turn into BANANA REPUBLIC if Trump is indicted

Thursday, March 23, 2023 by: Arsenio Toledo
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(Natural News) If the indictment against former President Donald Trump pushes through, it would effectively turn the United States into a banana republic.
This is according to conservative radio host Glenn Beck, who recalled a prior conversation with Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah while interviewing Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz. (Related: “Huge tipping point:” Critics blast potential indictment of former President Trump, but also see how it could help him.)
“[Lee] said, ‘Glenn, once you start going after an opponent, you become a banana republic, and the republic is just over because of the retribution,'” said Beck. He further warned that going after Trump would only start an endless cycle of retribution.
“And he’s right. We don’t want to be a banana republic on either side,” said Dershowitz. “Where are the [American Civil Liberties Union] people? Where are the people who are supposed to care more about our liberty than they do about partisan politics? They have disappeared. They’re not here.”
Dershowitz added that the plan to indict Trump is very clearly an attempt to prevent him from running for president again. He noted that such a move could violate the constitutional rights of American voters.
“I’m a liberal Democrat. As I’ve said over and over again, I voted against Trump twice. I have constitutional right to vote against him a third time and don’t stop me from doing that. [They shouldn’t] stop you from voting for him,” he said. “We shouldn’t have district attorneys making decisions on who can run for president. That is what a banana republic is, and we’re moving toward that, and it has to stop.”
Trump indictment likely within the next few days

A grand jury in Manhattan is expected to indict Trump within the next few days, potentially over charges of falsifying business records connected to hush money payments made during his successful 2016 presidential campaign to women who accused him of sexual impropriety.
The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, led by District Attorney Alvin Bragg, has already brought numerous witnesses before the grand jury with supposed evidence to indict the former president. Erica Orden, writing for Politico, noted that though it is still possible for the grand jury to vote against charging Trump, grand juries rarely decline to indict. And if Bragg’s office had any inclination that the grand jury would vote against an indictment, prosecutors likely would have paused the proceedings to gather more evidence.
An indictment would require at least 12 of the 23 jurors in the grand jury to vote in favor. If the indictment passes, the district attorney’s office will notify one of Trump’s attorneys that he has been indicted.
The next time Trump comes to New York, he and his attorney will have to report to the district attorney’s office, where he will be arrested and booked, which means he will be fingerprinted, get a DNA swab and have his mug shot taken.
Once this process is completed, he will be taken to a judge to be arraigned, wherein he will enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. He will likely be released after entering the plea, because the charges he is likely to face are non-bailable.
The judge will set a date for his next court appearance, which will likely be for the defense and prosecution to discuss additional steps as well as a potential discussion about the discovery process.
Before this next court appearance, the former president will likely be allowed to return home to his estate in Florida or wherever he chooses.
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