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    Global Crisis in Leadership Nearly Everywhere You Look

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:49 PM

    Global Crisis in Leadership Nearly Everywhere You Look

    Is there a crisis in leadership in Japan? That's what New York Times writers Hiroko Tabuchi, Ken Belson and Norimitsu Onishi say.

    I think a leadership crisis goes far beyond Japan. I make my case below. First, please consider Flaws in Japan’s Leadership Deepen Sense of Crisis ... yo.html?hp

    Never has postwar Japan needed strong, assertive leadership more — and never has its weak, rudderless system of governing been so clearly exposed or mattered so much.

    Japan faces the biggest challenge since World War II, after an earthquake, a tsunami, and a deepening nuclear crisis struck in rapid, bewildering succession. Japan’s leaders need to draw on skills they are woefully untrained for: improvisation; clear, timely and reassuring public communication; and cooperation with multiple powerful bureaucracies.

    Postwar Japan flourished under a system in which political leaders left much of its foreign policy to the United States and its handling of domestic affairs to powerful bureaucrats. Prominent companies operated with an extensive reach into personal lives; their executives were admired for their role as corporate citizens.

    But over the past decade or so, the bureaucrats’ authority has been eviscerated, and corporations have lost both power and swagger as the economy has foundered. Yet no strong political class has emerged to take their place. Four prime ministers have come and gone in less than four years; most political analysts had already written off the fifth, Naoto Kan, even before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.

    The absence of a strong leader capable of rallying the nation has never been more obvious than in the management of the efforts to contain the growing nuclear crisis.

    “In the past, bureaucrats would have been issuing orders without even consulting with politicians,
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    Look at leadership by both the Bush and Obama administrations to bailout the banks [quote4zzjxjw]

    A lack of leadership? Really? Seems like the banks leaders are doing well.

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