Global Warming and the Implementation of Agenda 21

Suzanne Hamner 3 hours ago

Yesterday, I wrote an article regarding the comments made by assistant philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello in his essay, "Is Misinformation about the Climate Criminally Negligent." While we all know that global warming is a ruse forced on the public in order to subjugate us further to government in preparation of the New World Order, the proponents of global warming would like us to believe their focus on the state of the earth is altruistic. According to these proponents, their concern for the earth should be the concern of everyone whereby individual rights are replaced with what is good for the collective – Borg mentality.

In response to that article, I received a forwarded email from Lieutenant Robert K. Powell Jr. (retired) who brings the history to light regarding global warming as it relates to the implementation of Agenda 21. The presentation is in a slide show format with vetted and researched information that is now being used in Oregon since that state has enacted "sustainability" through executive order. Agenda 21 and global warming have many names to disguise the true intent in order to gain support for this freedom crushing ideology.

This presentation does not argue any information on global warming as fact or fiction. Rather, it details from the beginning how this agenda has been played out.

You can view the slide show here. It is well worth the time to view, read and digest; then form your own opinion.

Many thanks to Lt. Powell for his service to our country and for the concise information presented in the presentation.

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