The globalist endgame for America’s economy is HYPERINFLATION followed by COLLAPSE

06/28/2023 // Ethan Huff // 1.4K Views

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Back in 2020, Dr. Vernon Coleman was warning the world that interest rates would soon rise and inflation would soar as part of a globalist-led effort to bankrupt the country and plunge it into poverty and destruction. It turns out Coleman was right as hyperinflation and collapse now loom.
Like many who tell the truth, Coleman was de-platformed by YouTube, so now his videos and content come straight from his website and are also available at You can also find many of Coleman's videos at
In November 2020, Coleman published a video entitled "How they plan to bankrupt us all" that talks all about the very things we are now seeing happen. Is Coleman a prophet? He is more an observer who sees the writing on the wall and knows that the globalist plan all along was to rob, steal, kill, and destroy the country with hyperinflation followed by a collapse.
"I've been predicting a recession since the start of the year – even though almost all other commentators said it wasn't going to happen," Coleman said.
"And I warned that it's going to be far worse than a recession. A big depression is coming. I know people hate hearing gloomy news and forecasts but I'm not going to lie to you. If you want lies and misinformation just turn on the BBC.
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When the Restrainer's hand is lifted, all hell is going to break loose

Those who lived during the Great Depression of the 1930s will have had things much, much better than those who live through what is about to come upon the West. If you think things are bad now, just wait until He who restrains no longer holds back the horrors that already would have come upon the world if He were not restraining it until the appointed time.

"What we are about to experience will be far, far worse than anything that happened in the 1930s," Coleman warns. "Everywhere you look there is evidence showing just how fast the conspirators are making progress. And nowhere is it faster than in the destruction of the global economy."
"Natural gas prices have gone up 700% since the start of 2021. They were merely made worse by the designer war. During the first few months of 2022, the world stock market lost $13 trillion. You may not think that matters to you but unless you live in a cave, it does. The Japanese yen has plunged 15.5%. The Nasdaq Composite has fallen by nearly 30% – the worst half year on record since it began – worse than when the dot com bubble burst. Oh, and the Russian ruble has been getting steadily stronger while the UK pound has been getting steadily weaker."
The corporate-controlled media will not even admit that a recession is occurring, as bad as that is, let alone fess up to the fact that a large-scale depression the likes of which this world has never seen is soon to drop.
"No one alive has ever seen anything like it – since there has never been anything like it," Coleman says eerily. "We're already starting the recession. The next stop will be stagflation. And depression."
"And as governments and international bodies such as the world bank and the IMF take ever more power – as they do during a depression – the loss of freedom will be exacerbated."
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The globalist endgame for America’s economy is HYPERINFLATION followed by COLLAPSE –