Health Ranger Report: Globalists roll out pandemic, war and famine with DEPOPULATION as the ultimate goal

02/14/2024 // Belle Carter // 1.6K Views

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During a recent "Health Ranger Report" interview with independent war journalist Michael Yon, the Health Ranger Mike Adams highlighted how the extermination of people was tried via the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the "vaccines" they rapidly created to "supposedly cure it."

"The globalists are trying to achieve rapid depopulation of Western populations and vaccines are part of that. It's not just infertility but also increased deaths, myocarditis and heart attacks, and so on," Adams said. He went on to say that when this did not kill enough people, the globalists then instigated wars that could cut off energy and food supplies, thus delivering famine and starvation.
"I came to realize that one of the reasons the West wants war with Russia is because they can draft young men in the United States, Britain and Canada and just throw them at Russia's defensive lines, knowing that Russia will reliably eliminate them," he continued, noting how this is an effective depopulation method and then, illegal migrants are ready to replace them in the said countries. "You want to get rid of millions of Americans? Just declare or start a war, have a false flag, have a draft, send a couple million young men over to Russia and Russia will get rid of them because of their defensive lines," he said exasperatedly.
The Health Ranger also discussed how these Western nations seem to be committing suicide by engaging in conflicts. According to him, the United Kingdom and other European countries recently announced drafting people as they get ready to battle with Russia. "With one barely working aircraft carrier, 50 remaining museum tanks left and a couple or maybe one battalion of soldiers who know what they're doing? The British military is a joke. The German military is a joke. Nobody's got any functioning military except maybe Poland and Turkey," he commented, adding that the strongest military functionally in the world right now is Russia.
As to why these nations are plunging into "dangerous" decisions, Yon said that they are being controlled by the "information war" of the globalists. "That's what set the table for taking the death jabs, opening the borders, sex changes for children, and all these other incredible things. Information war has been going on for generations. It didn't just start with [former President Barack] Obama, who is just another poisoned fruit on the tree. He's not the orchard, he's an actual product of the orchard," he said. "Now it's [President Joe] Biden. No, it's much bigger than that."
According to Yon, the true culprit is the World Economic Forum and their amalgam of interests, which works in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party. "But there's an amalgam of interests that's almost like a NATO of evil. They got [Bill] Gates who wants to control the jabs and food supply. They got [George] Soros who wants open borders. You've got different people who just want to make money and have power. And some people want to depopulate the Earth," he said.
Dems can still cheat in 2024 elections, Adams warns

Elsewhere in the show, the two also talked about how former President Donald Trump promised in his campaign to build a "border" again, get tough and even deport millions of illegals as the migrant crisis seemed to be working toward the replacement of the majority of Americans in the United States. (Related: Trump to GO HARD against ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and human traffickers if elected for a second term.)
"I met with Texas law enforcement a couple of weeks back, including some retired Texas Rangers, who explained to me that the plan to deport all these illegals is very simple. They're not going house to house and go kicking in doors. They're just going to do road traffic enforcement," Adams explained. "Illegals drive like crazy, anyway. It is easy to spot them. You can pull them over, ask for their ID, and if they're in the [U.S.] illegally, they get taken to a deportation processing facility, then out of the country."
He favors this kind of plan of action, but asked Yon about the chances of Trump getting into the White House again to make sure this rule can be rolled out: "What are the factors to win the election? Do we have an election? Can Trump win?" He reminded everyone how Democrats can still cheat, just as they did four years ago when they ran ballots all night long while everybody was asleep.
"They can do that because they've done it right in front of us. I was there in Arizona when they clearly sold that election. We didn't do anything about it other than complain and file lawsuits. Why wouldn't they do it again, right?" Yon answered. "But it's also clear that you can see the fear in their eyes now. They can see now that the energy is building, we are communicating more freely in some ways. So they're trying to clamp us down very hard. And they may not succeed."
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