Good luck ladies! Biden administration pushes for transgender inclusion in sports

Thursday, May 04, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) President Joe Biden’s administration is batting for transgender inclusion in sports. Apparently, Biden and his cohorts want to see male-to-female transgenders dominate in girls’ and women’s sports.
The Department of Education unveiled last month its proposed rule on athletics eligibility that bolsters transgender students’ rights to play on sports teams. The proposed “Title IX” amendments would prohibit schools receiving federal funding from enforcing policies that ban LGBTQIA+ students from participating on teams consistent with their gender identity.
“We’re all about accepting people for who they are. This is a free country. But this issue really does challenge the lines between our perspective of ourselves and honestly, fairness and reason seem to be hanging in the balance right now,” the “Highwire” host Del Bigtree remarked.
To counter the Biden administration’s proposed rule, the House recently passed a bill barring transgender athletes on girls’ and women’s teams. But Bigtree and his co-host Jefferey Jaxen are pessimistic that it would even get to the Senate.
“Basically, Biden said he would veto that if it came through,” Jaxen noted.
Even former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete and transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner has been openly criticizing the government for preventing the ban of male-to-female transgenders from women’s sports. “I don’t want biological boys to compete against women and girls in sports. It’s just not fair,” Jenner said in an interview regarding transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who dominated women’s college swimming in 2022. “Her lungs, back and hands are bigger. She just has a tremendous advantage in swimming in the pool against the women.”
Transgender activists are showing violent tendencies

Elsewhere in the show, the hosts played a video showing conservative activist Chris Elston being assaulted by aggressive transgender activists at a pro-trans rally in Vancouver, Canada.
In the video, a transwoman rallyist can be seen and heard shouting expletives at Elston and later hit the conservative activist in the face. Police officers monitoring the rally did not do anything, claiming that both sides were at fault.
Jaxen also showed a video featuring Kellie-Jay Keen, founder of Standing for Women. “I’ve noticed over the last few years we’ve seem to be losing the word woman,” she said. ” As far as I’m concerned, there is no man on this planet that deserves the pronouns she/her. I really don’t think there is any such thing as a woman who isn’t born female calling some men this word trans woman, which I don’t feel makes any sense at all.”
Keen was recently attacked by “violent” LGBTQIA+ activists during an event in New Zealand. She did not even make it to the microphone because someone poured her head with a red liquid.
“It’s really disturbing when someone’s not even allowed to state their opinion, their perspective.” Bigtree pointed out.
Also, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who spoke at San Francisco State University on April 6 about her views opposing the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports, was struck on her shoulder and face and held for three hours in a room by trans protesters. (Related: Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines slams SFSU official for lauding violent transgender protesters.)
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