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Send a Letter to Pres. Obama; Join the Cause

By Jerry McConnell Thursday, June 25, 2009

Over the past few weeks I have seen circulating online two very effective looking letters that supposedly have been sent to our President Obama in the White House in Washington, DC. These letters were written by a retired executive of the giant corporation, Proctor and Gamble; and a fourth grade school teacher from Missouri.

The letter written by the P&G official has been verified as authentic by Snopes, Urban Legends; however, the fourth grade teacher’s communication to the president has yet to gather any attention or notice from Snopes, which neither confirms nor denies its validity.

So in one of my deep thought moods it came to me that perhaps more people should be writing to the President and expressing their opinions and comments on his leadership to date. However, once the avalanche got started, the mailbox at said White House would most likely be shut down due to the impossibility of handling an enormously heavy barrage.

With that thought in mind, I immediately sat down and made my comments known to our President in the hopes that others would follow suit, and put their thoughts on paper, or at least in cyberspace.

So, dear readers, I have also decided to make my email to the President available to you even before it gets circulated across the wide expanse of the Internet boundaries.

President Obama:

Sir, I noticed the following remarks online just today, June 24, 2009 on Conservative News Service:

“White House ( - President Barack Obama said it is “not logical