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ISSUE #7 - A Blueprint to Restore America
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Abolish the Fed & Restore the Gold Standard, Stop Polarization of America(Republican vs. Democrat), Replace the IRS with a Constitutional Tax System, Restore American Financial Responsibility, Make computerized voting Illegal in all 50 states, Keep the internet free and out of Corporate/Government Control, Limit Federal Spending: A Roadmap for Constitutional Recovery, A Nation Reborn, Introduce Legislation to Stop a National ID, Make it illegal to implant RFID chips in human beings, Educate Jurors to the Rule of Law that they Must Follow, Stop Globalization, End the Domestic Police State, The Original American Foreign Policy, Returning Accountability to Public Servants, Abolish the Dept of Education & Restore Excellence to the School System, Recind all Executive Orders that are Unconstitutional, THE CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA, SLAVERY, & CONTEMPORARY "GUN CONTROL, What if They are ALL Corrupt? and more..