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Greg Hunter Weekly News Wrap-up: 2018 Election PSYOP, Caravan Invasion by NWO, Economic Update - Video

Thursday, November 1, 2018 22:16

Whether it is the polls done by the mainstream media (MSM) or the phony pipe bombs with no explosives sent to prominent Democrats, this election looks like one giant PSYOP. Democrats have no platform except open borders, pro-illegal immigration, cop hating and tax raising. You simply cannot run on that. So, for the Dems, they have to lie and cheat, and thatís what they are doing.
Who is paying for the thousands in the so-called caravan making its way towards America via Mexico? The MSM would like you to think itís just a group of people from Central America wanting a better life, but what they donít say is that it is a well-funded and well organized threat on the southern border of the U.S. It looks like it is to cause even more negative press for Donald Trump and Republicans before the midterm elections. Is it being paid for by the New World Order globalists? The facts clearly say yes.
Is the economy getting better? Is it strong? Some say no, and they point to exploding government debt.