Guess Who is Funding Hillary 2016JUNE 28, 2013


The Hillary for president movement is off and running and large amounts of cash needs to be raised. Thanks to some very special friends, it looks like she will be off to a good start. But who are the ones behind her candidacy?

San Francisco environmentalist Susie Tompkins Buell, is one of the main founders of the Finance Council for Ready for Hillary, Super Pac. Buell has many ties to Billionaire,George Soros. Buell, Steve Mostyn and his wife, Amber are the only members who are named for the Finance Council. Mostyn and his wife were huge contributors to Obama in 2012.

Buell made her fortune as co founder of the Esprit clothing line. and is a member of the Soros funded Democracy Alliance, the secretive donor's club that pours millions into liberal causes. Soros is also a member. That money has been steered to Soros financed groups such as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress

Buell’s Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation also donated money to Media Matters, a group with close ties to Soros and the Obama White House. Years ago, Hillary admitted to helping to found Media Matters, a tax exempt group that openly campaigns for liberals.

Ready for Hillary made the news last week when they began selling Hillary t shirts and assorted items. It is unprecedented for Super Pacs to be started for a candidate who hasn't even declared her candidacy yet. Perhaps, she wants the Benghazi scandal to die down before she does.