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    Half of Germans want to Dump Euro: Bring Back Deutchmark

    Half of Germans want to dump euro

    49 per cent of ¬*Germans still wish they had the mighty Deutchmark

    Tuesday December 28,2010
    By Martyn Brown

    HALF of all Germans want to ditch the euro and bring back their deutschmark, according to a poll.

    Despite a year of prop¬*aganda from their government informing them that the beleaguered European currency is good for them, 49 per cent of ¬*Germans still wish they had the mighty mark in their pockets.

    This is one of the highest proportions of Germans wanting its return since polls in the 1990s showed close to 70 per cent of them wanted to retain the mark, the currency of their ‚Äúeconomic miracle‚Ä
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    Theres been more talk from Germany about dropping out of the eurozone and dropping the euro. May actually become the truth if stuff doesn't change with other countries in the eurozone being more financially responsible. As it stands now if the Germans dropped out of the eurozone it would collapse as their industrial sector being what the eurozone relies on currently to keep the euro alive and bailout failing countries.

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