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    Harvard Professor Henry Gates is Another Jeremiah Wright

    Sunday, July 26, 2009

    THE NEW JEREMIAH WRIGHT: Harvard Professor Henry Gates is Another Jeremiah Wright

    Cambridge Police Sgt. Crowley should not go to the White House for a beer with Barack Obama and Harvard disgrace Henry Gates. Barack Obama and Gates will used this meeting to attempt to claim Obama and Gates have somehow solved the so called "race" problem in this nation.

    It seems Gates and Obama are not mentioning the fact that Gates is involved with PBS on a TV Show on of all things Civil Rights in America. Gates with the help of Obama is using Sgt Crowley and he needs to "Just Say No" to the beer invite.

    Part of Gates Gate Not Getting Much Media Attention
    By Warner Todd Huston (Bio Archive)July 26, 2009 - 11:04 ET

    A recent New York Post story brought up a point about the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that few in the Old Media have paid much attention to. Apparently, Gates has since the arrest announced he is in the early stages of involvement in a PBS TV series on civil rights in America. It is odd that this single fact has not been a focus of much discussion.

    In fact Barack Obama and Professor Gates should immediately and publicly apologize to Sgt. Crowley and the other two Police Officers at the scene and Professor Gates should be grilled on the fact that he used his position with Harvard and his friendship with the biggest Race baiter in history, Barack Obama to slander the reputation of not one but three Cambridge Police Officers.

    Henry Gates is a disgrace for calling these Officers racist to try and justify his own unacceptable behavior. But hey, Barack Obama did the same thing throughout his life. Obama's former High School Basketball Coach is quoted as saying Barack aka Barry, immediately tried to say he was being disciplined because of his race with the Coach telling him, "No Barry its not because of your skin color, its because of your actions!" See Obama has had a history of doing exactly what Henry Gates did, screaming racism to cover for his own unacceptable behavior.

    Henry Gates should be disciplined by Harvard but we all know Harvard will continue to risk its reputation to suck up to Barack Obama. Maybe Harvard should release Obama's school records. Obama is demonstrating his continued use of race to divide by inviting the race baiting, disgrace known as Henry Gates to the White House.

    Every American Police Officer should worry about what Obama friend will be next to act like a complete ass and then accuse the Police of reacting only because the person is Black. Henry Gates demonstrated the same racists views as the group of Black teens who attacked and beat the white Ohio family while telling this "This is a Black World now."

    Maybe Obama should have invited this family to the White House for Ice Cream with Sasha and Malia while explaining why he (Obama) continues to be a race baiter himself!

    Barack Obama is rewarding Racism by a black man with an invitation to the White House. Why not just return Jeremiah Wright's repeated phone calls? ... essor.html
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    Gates and Obama two birds of a feather.
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    This whole idea is stoopid. If a guy has to go to the White House to straighten the President out he should get more than beer. That's worse than a HS reunion. The last time I had dinner with any world leaders (well, OK, they were former World leaders) at least we had the good stuff.
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