by Judi McLeod
April 5, 2015

On Friday, during the annual Via Crucis procession at Rome’s storied Colosseum, Pope Francis called out the “complicit silence” of the international community on the the worldwide massacres of Christians by radical Islam.

Thursday’s horrific Kenya university attack leaving 150 mostly Christians dead by al-Qaida-affiliated Somali militants is only the very latest.

On the eve of Easter Sunday, the terrorists responsible for the university attack promised that “Kenyan cities will run red with blood.”

The number of Christians who have fled and are still fleeing communities in the Middle East that have existed since Christ walked the earth is now in the millions.

Sad to think that as we commemorate the Resurrection of our Savior today, Christians are being persecuted worldwide in a violently hostile environment patently ignored by the international community’s “complicit silence”.
What kind of alibi could possibly explain the deafening “complicit silence” of the international community?

Where are the priests and the pastors calling for ecumenical solidarity in the face of widespread Christian persecution?

Where are the civil rights and homosexual activists taking a stand against homosexuals being hurled to their deaths from buildings?

Where, for that matter, are the churches rising up in righteousness to defend their brothers and sisters of the faith?

Thanks to the World Web, the wholesale slaughter of Christians by radical Islamist terrorists dominates the headlines of the day.

Shock and revulsion followed the release of terrorist released YouTubes featuring the grisly beheadings of innocents. The civilized world reeled in horror in February when 21 Egyptian Christian workers were beheaded en masse on a lonely stretch of beach in Libya.

The world watches while terrorists plunder and pillage their way through ancient churches, wiping out forever irreplaceable chapters of historic human antiquity.

Throughout all, no government on earth has stepped forward to put a stop to terrorists recruiting on line through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
That some 20,000 jihadists from non-Muslim countries have joined terrorists ranks seems to be something taken in stride.

While terrorism is on the rampage in the Middle East, what has been allowed to happen in the West makes it appear that Western leaders may be in some sort of sync with the jihadists.

The U.S. has opened its borders to the indiscriminate flow of unchecked illegal immigrants, countries like Britain and Canada have opened their doors to the same.

Experts warn us that within 50 years Christians and Muslim will have equal numbers.

On home turf in western countries where it is least expected, the safety of Christians is being compromised by supposedly democratic governments. These governments have unleashed upon Christians, the forces of LGBT, led by politicized homosexuals claiming to be on the move because of discrimination.
For at least the past seven years, Christians have been openly smeared by mainstream media as “bigots”, “bible thumpers” and “homophobes” on an almost daily basis.

No government has called for relief from the smearing which has climbed to a level that makes some wonder if there really is some kind of on-the-quiet coercion between radical Islam and western governments.

Recent events have proven that the religious beliefs of Christians can be steamrolled out of existence because in some states Christians will no longer have recourse through the Law of the Land that could not so long ago be pursued through the courts.

The governments and courts have already demolished the rights of the unborn with 50-60 million abortions in the U.S. alone. Christians, who had no say on it, are already being forced through their tax dollars to pay for abortions on demand, not only in their home country but in foreign countries.

Attacks on Christians are coming in from all sides, some not as obvious as others.

Communism is in, Christianity is out, and it’s become all but de rigeur for daily newspapers to make snide swipes at Christians in general, ridiculing them by making it appear that all Christians believe that figures of Christ on everything from hot dog buns to hot cross buns are for real.

Did any of us ever believe the day would come when visceral loathing of Christians would be so amply tolerated?

Christian identity now comes with inherent dangers.

Given the hits on freedom of religion, will cornered Christians someday be forced to wear the kind of bells worn by the lepers in the mid-14th century?
Mother Teresa was prescient when she said, “the biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted.”

In the “complicit silence” of the international community in the face of worldwide persecution of Christians, no government seems willing to throw out out a lifeline to the followers of Christ, the same ones radical Islamists call “the cross people”.

The only spiritual life line reaching out to Christians is the one that still remains for the taking after 1,982 years—the one extended to all Christians by our Savior.

Something to remember today on the celebration of our glorious and loving Savior’s Resurrection.