PREDICTION CAME TRUE: Prior to the pandemic, in July of 2019, the Health Ranger correctly predicted the VACCINE HOLOCAUST now taking place across the globe

Sunday, December 18, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Almost three-and-a-half years ago, the Health Ranger Mike Adams predicted the maiming, injuring, and murdering of hundreds of millions of people across the globe. He called it a Vaccine Holocaust that would be achieved by a coordinated censorship (led by the corrupt CDC) of “all criticism of vaccines across every tech platform,” including Google, Fakebook, Twitter and YouTube.
In fact, the Health Ranger said that ALL channels containing videos or content that dared to point out vaccine-induced injuries and death that are readily available on VAERS, would be censored, banned, de-platformed, and de-funded. This was a good six months before news even began to break, with the false-narrative that the ‘novel virus’ was spreading because people were eating infected bats at a wet market in China.
One reason this prediction was ripe for the making was that the vaccine industry is afforded total immunity (pun intended) from lawsuits, thanks to the highly corrupt Congress that’s in bed with Big Pharma. No American harmed or killed by a deadly vaccine can sue the manufacturers for faulty products, crooked clinical trials, or intent to cause harm. Once criminals know they can get away with murder, and mass murder in the form of genocide, why wouldn’t they move forward with a Vaccine Holocaust and bankroll billions of dollars from it?
Health Ranger predicted Vaccine Holocaust and the Vaccine Cult that would fall for the bait, hook-line-and-sinker

Because vaccines are propagandized as the “holy grail” of Western Medicine, the cult-like “faith” was a perfect catapult for launching the plandemic of 2020. Remember, total belief in vaccines is REQUIRED at all times by the CDC and the US government, otherwise you are considered an “anti-vaxxer” who is “anti-science” and a “domestic terrorist” who wants to spread disease and kill fellow Americans.
Tech giants, MSM ‘presstitutes’ and the regulatory agency talking heads (think Fauci and Walensky here) are all guilty of propagating the Vaccine Holocaust of 2020 and beyond. This, as the Health Ranger predicted 3.5 years ago, will last for decades, wiping out a few billion people who are mostly members of the vaccine cult, who get every single deadly jab the CDC says they should. As the Health Ranger stated, “Mass death has now descended upon us, and it’s all being carried out in the name of “science.”
Here’s the Health Ranger predicting the Vaccine Holocaust 3.5 years ago, before it even began:

Video Brighteon

The Vaccine Holocaust has already brought a tsunami of deaths across the globe, and an apocalypse of “unexplainable” sicknesses and sudden deaths

Some call it Pfizer-Gate. Others call it Spike Protein Syndrome. Any way you slice it, the mass deaths piling up due to the Wuhan Flu jabs can’t be covered up any longer. Just take a good look at the data and statistics. Already, there have been more deaths caused by the Fauci Flu shots than all deaths combined from drug overdoses, vehicle accidents, and gun violence over the past two years.
Everyone has heard about the war on drugs and the fight to reduce opioid addiction, but where is the war against vaccines? mRNA “dirty vaccine” injections are worse than bad drugs and bullets, in fact, they are weapons of mass destruction. It’s no coincidence that millions of healthy people around the globe, who got the Wuhan Flu shots, are now suddenly experiencing myocarditis, pericarditis, extreme allergic reactions, and dying suddenly from “unexplained causes,” including athletes, military members, and pilots.
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PREDICTION CAME TRUE: Prior to the pandemic, in July of 2019, the Health Ranger correctly predicted the VACCINE HOLOCAUST now taking place across the globe –