Health Ranger Report: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains how COVID-19 injections cause VACCINE INJURIES

03/12/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 1.3K Views

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joined the Health Ranger Mike Adams on the "Health Ranger Report" to explain the vaccine injury mechanisms of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections – in other words, how the dangerous injections harm the body.
The and Natural News founder began by citing Tenpenny's contributions to making people aware of the dangers that come with the COVID-19 injections. He cited a February 2024 study published in the journal Vaccine that explained these mechanisms. The said study also expounded on how the COVID-19 vaccines cause "turbo cancers" and suppress the immune system.
Tenpenny, an osteopathic medical doctor, meanwhile said she had been studying vaccine-related problems since September 2000. She started digging when the COVID-19 bioweapons from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca came out. The well-known physician eventually discovered the first 20 mechanisms of injury of the COVID-19 shots and how they can make people sick or kill them.
Tenpenny and her associates then conducted an educational webinar in May 2021 that shared these first 20 mechanisms, which thousands of people attended. A second webinar followed in July 2021, wherein she tackled 20 more mechanisms of injury caused by the COVID-19 injections. (Related: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals how to address Covid without relying on vaccines – Brighteon.TV.)
According to the host of "The Tenpenny Files: On Your Health" on Brighteon.TV, these mechanisms of vaccine injury disrupt the human cells. They also affect the cardiovascular, central nervous and neurological system, among others.
She also recounted: "We saw the personality changes in people that have had two shots and a booster." These people, she added, were no longer the same after being injected. Some of them became unable to relate to others, while some lacked empathy."
Tenpenny: Authorities SUPPRESSED news of vaccine injuries

Tenpenny also told the Health Ranger that all of the recent studies and news stories that touch on COVID-19 vaccine injuries weren't new, since what authorities merely did was to bury them and ignore the reality of what was happening for the past three years. "They were just buried, you just had to do the research to find them," she continued.
Adams agreed, stating that the 40 mechanisms of injury weren't just things his guest thought up. These evidence-based mechanisms of vaccine injury are well-researched and reflected in medical literature. He also noted that these 40 mechanisms can create bizarre combinations of symptoms or syndromes with the way they proliferate throughout the body and affect different organs and systems.
One such mechanism of injury is neurological degeneration, and Adams asked Tenpenny regarding her findings about it. She then shared that the lipid nanoparticles, spike proteins and other things in the COVID-19 injections could cross the blood-brain barrier and do serious damage.
"The blood-brain barrier is there to protect your brain," she explained. "What's in the COVID-19 shots, particularly the spike proteins, [are] able to cross the blood-brain barrier, go in and cause disruption of neurological connections, particularly in your frontal lobe
Adams then mentioned that all 40 mechanisms of vaccine injury will be discussed in a fully updated presentation beginning on March 9. People can watch Tenpenny's presentation for free after they sign up at the Brighteon University website.
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Watch the full conversation between Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and the Health Ranger Mike Adams about vaccine injuries below.

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