"The primary role of government is to keep the masses subservient to the system"

Healthcare Cures: Congress Refuses To Get It

By Bob DeMotte
Sunday, January 24, 2010

The current closed-door, anti-transparency discussions regarding the nationalization of America’s health care system is lacking one key ingredient – logic.

The average man or woman may wish that with 535 self-appointed elitists, we’d get more than a pinch of intellectual seasoning. But, alas, these maniacal members of the D.C. asylum have no idea what they’re doing to our once great nation.

For the reader who has no idea what this dispute is all about let me say this: you don’t need to know. It’s all hogwash; just smoke and mirrors.

What will it take to totally resolve the high cost of health care in America? From my perspective, it’s far too simple. See if you don’t agree.

1. We must allow everyone to buy insurance coverage from companies throughout the entire United States. There are currently over 1,300 insurance providers, but federal law forbids you from buying insurance outside your state of residence. This narrows down your choice to only a small number of providers and this surely leads to price-fixing. The congressional inmates have no intention of making this an option.
2. Congressional discussions have never included any thought of tort reform. Nuisance law suits are the primary cause for the extreme costs of medical insurance. The solutions?
1. there is no question that we should allow those suffering the ravages of medical malpractice to sue for monetary compensation and,
2. those plaintiffs whom the courts deem to have brought a frivolous suit will be required to pay the defendant’s attorney’s fees as well as their own.
3. Each American, unable to afford health insurance, should be given an annual credit of $4,000on a card (similar to one used for food stamps). This credit will be used for all medical expenses including visual, dental, and in-office physician visits. With it, they will also be able to purchase major medical coverage. If the individual chooses not to obtain major coverage and their expenses for that year exceed the $4,000, they will be held liable for all additional charges. Knowing that they must budget monthly medical costs, most will be quite conservative in how often they run off to an emergency room or a doctor’s office whenever they sneeze.

Of course, this is far too simple because it lacks that absolute control over the populace which liberal politicians lust after. What better way to control others than to be their only means of survival; in this case, people would be dependent upon their sole provider – the federal government.

As I have previously written in other articles, an old college professor once stated, “The primary role of government is to keep the masses subservient to the system.