Healthcare's Hemorrhaging As Medicare-For-All Massacre Continues

Bernie has now wiped $230 billion off the market cap of Healthcare stocks in the last few days..

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 10:38

For the fifth day of the last six, healthcare stocks are getting hammered as fears that 'Socialist Democrats' great experiment with 'Medicare for All' are growing...

As we noted previously, the slide, as Bloomberg notes, started on Tuesday when insurance giant and sector bellwether UnitedHealth Group waded into the debate over “Medicare for All,” which would expand government-administered coverage to most of the population and rewrite the businesses of U.S. health insurers, hospitals and doctors.

And while this socialist policy is still a longshot to become law - despite the backing of some prominent contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination such as Bernie Sanders - the proposal threatens to upend company stock prices.