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Thread: Heavily Republican AZ District Turns Voters Away – Takes Their Names and Numbers and

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    Heavily Republican AZ District Turns Voters Away – Takes Their Names and Numbers and

    Heavily Republican AZ District Turns Voters Away – Takes Their Names and Numbers and Says “We’ll Get Back to You”

    by Jim Hoft November 6, 2018 171 Comments

    Voters in a Republican district in Maricopa County in Arizona were turned away on Tuesday according to reports.

    They were told to leave their name and number and they would get a call later?
    Adrian Fontes @RecorderFontes

    UPDATE: We are advising voters assigned to the Polling Place at 2031 N. Arizona Ave in Gila Precinct to use the Chandler City Hall Vote Center, at 175 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler due to building access issues. We will keep you posted. #Vote #ElectionDay
    7:32 AM - Nov 6, 2018

    This is a stunning report!

    100 Percent Fed Up reported:
    This morning, when the voting polls opened at the Queen Creek Library in the heavily Republican-leaning southeast valley of Maricopa County in AZ, voters were met with some surprising news— the only two printers designated for printing their ballots were both broken.
    Jake Hoffman, the local Republican Party chairman, was notified by a voter, that between 150-200 voters were asked to write their names on a piece of scratch paper, along with their cell phone numbers, and wait for a text message or call that would inform them of when the ballot printers were functioning, so they could come back again to vote.
    According to at least one voter, the voters were NOT being told of another location they could go to vote.
    In addition to the issues with the only two printers available at the Queen Creek Library location, this morning, a half hour after the polls had already opened, Fontes tweeted a message to voters in the Gila Precinct, to let them know that they need to vote at another location, “due to building access issues”.
    They just found out about this on the morning of the election?
    Read the rest at 100% Fed Up.
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    It's crazy!! When I went to vote they asked for my birth date and I told them they didn't need it, to look me up by name. They told me I couldn't get a ballot unless I gave them my birth date. I said that's wrong!! I'm a registered voter voting at my appropriate precinct, they refused, so I had to give in and give it to them, then they entered it into the computer, I asked what are you doing? Why did you enter my birth date into the computer, delete it!! They said they couldn't. I spoke to another precinct official and they decided to stop the practice, because it's wrong, and suggested I call the Board of Elections and register a complaint with the procedure. So I voted, but when I voted on the now paper ballots, I realized I made a mistake and asked how do I change it? They would have to get me a new ballot, okay, I said, and then they asked me to write my name on the one with the mistake, I said "NO", I''m not writing my name on a ballot that is supposed to be secret, they said they couldn't give me another ballot until I did that. So, after having my privacy invaded at a public polling station, I now have to decide whether to let my wrong vote on a Constitutional Amendment carry forward or give up my write to a secret ballot. I went with the wrong vote.

    I called the Board of Elections and spoke with them, apparently the person who told me I had to give them my birth date was new, hired that day and made a mistake, "we're all human" they said. Right ..... she said they weren't entering the data of my birth date, they were just using it as a search and I said when I give you my name and address that is ALL you need to search for my record and they went on about there are so many names the same, and I said, NOT AT THE SAME ADDRESS.

    Yes, this is a DemoQuack County, but my precinct is almost all Republican, so they send some newby over to force us to give out our birth date (personal information) when there is no reason for it, telling us if we don't give it to them, we can't vote (huge lie and attempt at voter suppression) and then make us sign the old paper ballot if we make a mistake that they can all read and remember about how you were voting.

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