The Fox News Channel caught up with Cain to talk Truth Tour this week

Herman Cain's College Truth Tour | Fox News Video

The Oakland Press, one of metro-Detroit’s largest daily newspapers, previewed the JCS luncheon in downtown Detroit: “Michigan and Ohio are two states that have severely felt the effects of many years of failed economic policies,” Cain said. “These are policies that have further separated free enterprise and economic freedom from the hard working people of the region.”

The State News at Michigan State University gave an account of Cain’s College Truth Tour appearance there: “That’s why I’m doing this,” Cain said. “That’s why your parents are doing what they’re doing for you — because it’s not about us, it’s about your generation.”

The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan said Cain challenged students to get in the game to save free enterprise:“If you sit on the sidelines and you think this country’s gonna get back on the right track, you’re sadly mistaken.”