Hero of Liberal Educators Revealed as Communist Party Member

Share By John Anderson

Recently released FBI documents have revealed that Howard Zinn, author of an anti-American 'history' book which is imposed on millions of students across the country, was a longtime member of the Communist Party and viewed as a security threat. The 'Communist Party USA' was controlled and funded by the Soviet Union, and Zinn was one of its primary conduits of ideology into the American 'progressive' movement through his teaching position at Boston University from 1964 to 1968, and most importantly through his book 'A Peoples' History of the United States'.

'A Peoples' History of the United States' portrays the history of the United States in classic Marxist terms. The book glorifies feminism and the 'class struggle', and vilifies the United States as a 'racist', 'imperialist', 'sexist' and 'oppressive' nation.

Even liberal commentators have admitted that the book is more propaganda than history. Matthew Yglesias, while saying that the book “provokes useful inquiry,â€