The HIDDEN HISTORY of vaccines and the horrors of toxin accumulation

03/10/2024 // S.D. Wells // 1.2K Views

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After World War II, the Western Medical Industrial Complex began medically experimenting on disabled people and minorities, including children, who were prisoners of the state held captive in mental hospitals. The doctors and scientists claimed it was for the "greater good," just as Hitler said about exterminating millions of Jews, Blacks, disabled people, kids with autism and anyone with a mental disorder. Then, in the mid 1950s, a group of Harvard scientists won the Nobel Prize for growing the Polio virus in tissue cultures.
After that, Dr. Jonas Salk tested the virus on Rhesus monkeys (using their kidneys) and 5 pharma firms somehow immediately concluded that the experimental concoctions were the ultimate formula for preventing Polio in humans, and voila – the holy grail of medicine was born – vaccines. This was declared "science-based medicine," and no longer would any natural remedies ever be considered viable for preventing or treating any disease.
The polio vaccine lie was born, and the "safety" and "efficacy" conspiracy theory of all vaccines lives on right now, hoodwinking 270 million Americans

Not too many Americans know the TRUE horrid history of vaccine research, experimentation, faked data, falsified results and continued lies about their safety and efficacy. If you simply take a close look, it's obvious that the "95% efficacy" claim, that's made for nearly every jab ever created, is a huge hoax perpetrated by the Medical Industrial Complex of the ever-corrupt Western Medicine model.
Here are several solid reasons most natural health enthusiasts do not dare to get vaccines, and may never again. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, but are also monumental epitaphs that represent injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, and why the research must be covered up, shredded or changed to fit the narrative.
#1. Recent data out of the UK reveals there is a pandemic happening now, but not from diseases being spread, but from mRNA injections that are wiping people off the face of the earth, even some of the healthiest people (spike protein syndrome).
#2. Most embalmers are finding strange rubbery, fibrous white clots in the vaccinated and deceased since the rollout of the Covid-19 jabs.
#3. Vaccines contain known deadly ingredients, and the cumulative effect of injecting these toxins has YET to be studied, including formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, human abortion cells, African green monkey infected kidney cells, squaline, aluminum, mercury (thimerosal) and genetically modified bacteria, viruses and parasites.
#4. The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella combo) vaccine was causing little Black boys under 3 years of age to develop autism at alarming rates, and the CDC's own head scientist blew the whistle on it all.
#5. The Rotateq Rotavirus vaccine contains deadly strains of a wild pig virus called circovirus, and it has NEVER been explained -- the reason, dangers and rationale for this insane ingredient in a vaccine that's supposed to help children overcome diarrhea issues.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) now pinned to vaccine-induced death, and a disturbing hundred-year-history of the vaccine industry maximizing profits at any risk

Oh yes, they did. In order to bring in the most money possible, Big Pharma finds groups of innocent people who lack the ways and means to advocate for themselves and refuse vaccines and pharma's deadly drugs. This includes children being stabbed repeatedly and multiple times in a day with deadly combination viruses, plus all the other deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins found in most of these jabs and drugs.
We now know that Big Pharma also uses deadly venom peptides from snakes, frogs, scorpions and other deadly animals for many of the prescription drugs advertised on television. Side effects include organ failure and fetus extermination.
Now we're discovering mass graves from way back when the DPT vaccine was first experimented with, using humans, against their consent, as guinea pigs. Waves of infant deaths are the toll for this, but the industry still labels it a "syndrome" so nobody will point the finger at the mass-murdering, genocidal jabs they call "vaccines."
When the CDC increased the childhood vaccination rates about 35 years ago, infant death rates began skyrocketing, as well as autism statistics

Today, the CDC highly recommends all U.S. children get 75 toxic jabs before age seven, and now that includes emergency use authorization only gene-mutating Covid injections. They never bothered to test any of the damaged or killed children, babies or pregnant mothers' aborted or miscarried fetuses for an accumulation of toxins, including genetically modified substances, viruses, bacteria and parasites.
Now, decades later, many of the children who survived this onslaught of deadly vaccines are suffering from SADS, Sudden ADULT Death Syndrome, especially after getting a series of gene-mutating injections known as mRNA.
Had any of these folks been aware of the 100-year HIDDEN history of corruption, abuse, misuse, fake discoveries, altered results, skewed statistics, crippled children, murdered babies, autistic kids and adults and all the minorities that have been reduced and compromised by vaccines, millions of people would know the truth and avoid vaccines at all costs.
If VAERS reported properly, if the CDC tested vaccines properly and if the Covid-19 gene-therapy injections were run through independent safety and efficacy tests that were published for all to see, NOBODY would dare have them injected into their bodies.
Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on Long-Vax-Syndrome that's sweeping the nation and the world as you read this, but probably will get scrubbed from all medical and history books, while still being falsely-deemed "safe and effective." After all, it's the BIGGEST LIES that are most likely to be believed.
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