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    A history lesson for those who may foolishly embrace today’s Democrat Leadership

    On Jul 22, 2008 Obama revealed the Democrat Party’s plan to create a civilian national security force . . . a force essential to accomplishing the goals of the fringe element of the communist/socialist controlled Democrat Party.

    In 2013 “Black Lives Matter” was formed . . . and has been a civilian national forceresponsible for today’s rioting, looting, arson, violence, and outright deadly attacks on local police departments.

    And who is it that formed “Black Lives Matter”? It was founded by “trained Marxists”

    Here is a link to the BLACK LIVES MATTER LEADERSHIP

    And here is Patrisse Cullors, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter, boldly, and in her own words, confirming she is a “trained Marxist”:

    We also know Obama is a friend of Louis Farrakhan

    And, Louis Farrakhan, a racist Black Nationalist, wants a separate state for Black Americans. See Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan calls for “separate state for black Americans”

    Is it now, so difficult to believe, that “Black Lives Matter” is part of Obama’s, and the socialist controlled Democrat Party Leadership’s, "civilian national security force"?


    Our country is infested with a Fifth Column movement at MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC., and their countless Yellow Journalists, who work hand in hand with the Democrat Party socialist/communist leadership to plunder, paralyze and destroy our free market, free enterprise system.
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